How To Profit On The Runescape Grand Exchange

            The world of Runescape is a realm of fantasy where concepts like magic, demons, and miracles are everyday occurrences. It is this concept that draws many people to the game, the opportunity to live out a fantasy as a knight or wizard.  The popularity of this game is one of the reasons the Runescape account market is still booming. But one key thing about the design of Runescape’s world closely emulates our own: capital. Money makes the world go ‘round. No matter what your goals in the game are, chances are you are going to need some coin to accomplish it. The good news is that there are tons of ways to make money. The bad news is that just because there are so many ways doesn’t mean they are all easy or efficient, which is why many players choose to buy OSRS gold instead. But don’t worry, we are going to show you one of the best ways to turn over gold in Runescape and, in theory, it isn’t even that complicated.

            The Grand Exchange is a central part of OSRS and where the majority of goods are traded between players. We have covered the Grand Exchange before, but to summarize it is a place that allows for the mass trading of stacked goods to meet the demands of players on a much higher scale without having to do personal trades. This also makes it an incredibly useful place to make money if you are familiar with the concept of flipping in economics. “Buy low, sell high” is one of the base principles of making money and the one you will need to master to profit on the Grand Exchange.

            To start you don’t really need to have any goods going into the market. You can, if you choose, go in with a stack of something, but really all you are going to need to start making gold is gold of your own to invest. This is where it gets a little restrictive since other players recommend that you won’t be able to properly invest with anything less than 20K gold. This is not a small amount of money, but it will be worth it if you use it right.

            Your next move will be to locate a target product. The Grand Exchange has a lot of tools built in it, or on the general internet, that allow for players to track item values and the market. You need to use these tools, and a little bit of your own math skills, to find a product with 50% or more price fluctuation. Once you do that, you wait for the product to go as low as it is predicted to and buy up as much as you can. Predictably, after a little while, the price will start to go back up. You purchasing large quantities of the object won’t hurt either. Once it has peaked on the predictive price scale sell it all for a tidy profit.  Rinse, repeat, and you are good to go.

            Seem a little too simple? Well, there isn’t a lot more to it in terms of exaction, but you might want to be a bit thoughtful about the objects you choose to sell at the Grand Exchange. Some items when sold en mass tend to do a lot better and move a lot more quickly.

            Firstly, you are going to want to avoid anything that takes a long time to craft. Complex or high-cost items may seem tempting, but they aren’t usually what people are coming to the Grand Exchange to buy. The Grand Exchange is usually where players go when they need a lot of something, usually something that is easier to obtain but requires time they don’t feel like committing to the task. Lots of logs or bars, things like that are your money makers. The one thing you have to be careful to avoid moving stock that can be obtained from in-game merchants on the cheap since you won’t see enough demand.

            There are some items that other players recommend as seeing a lot of momentum on the exchange, which might be a good place to start. Or at least a good place to start looking for a comparison. Items that require time or skills to harvest but are necessary for higher tiers of success, like yew logs or rune bars tend to see a lot of turnover from high paying players. Planks and potions are also good investments since they require membership to produce but also a lot of time, so if you can get your hands on a lot of those then you’ll really be in business.

            Now there are two key pieces of strategy when trying to make money this way. The first, and most important one, is to have patience. You can end up with millions of gold with just your base investment but only if you take your time and wait. If you rush you are going to cost yourself thousands upon thousands of gold in potential and it just takes a few bad deals to rob you of any momentum you built up. It’s not hard to lose your initial investment money if you aren’t careful.

            The second piece of advice is to pay attention to the quantities you are moving and calculate that into your margins. If you have one hundred of something, the first 50 will sell for more than the second 50 because you just introduced your first 50 into the market, thus reducing the object’s value. This is a straightforward thing that can people can forget or miscalculate and it can cost you a lot of gold on a deal. You may not want to focus entirely on one type of item unless it is something you can harvest quickly.

            So follow these tips and we know you’ll have enough money to do whatever you want in Runescape in just a few short days. Or you could just stick around the GE. It isn’t unheard of for a player to catch the thrill of the market and to stick around to see how much coin they can get their hands on. It’s a game, right? So have fun any way you want. 

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