Old School Runescape: A Kingdom Divided

            If you aren’t more than passingly familiar with Old School Runescape, it may surprise you to know there is a fair amount of over-arcing plot. Excitingly, the OSRS developers announced the next addition to their most recent ongoing plotline in the form of the Kingdom Divided quest. We have been waiting on bated breath for the continuation of the Kourend questline and we are super stoked to find out as much as we can.

            In a rare treat, the Kingdom Divided announcement came with not just an update post but a video. While the video teases very little on the content, it touches heavily on the lore so far. The Kourend Lore is some of the most extensive in the OSRS game. The lore ties into a good number of prior quests, which makes the prerequisite list for Kingdom Divided rather extensive. Before you can begin this quest you need to have finished the Depths of Despair, the Queen of Thieves, the Ascent of Arceuus, the Forsaken Tower, Tales of the Righteous, Architectural Alliance, Client of Kourend, and finally X Marks the Spot. X Marks the Spot has also been changed to be a prerequisite for Client of Kourend. And those are only the quest prerequisites. Kingdom Divided also has a whole host of skill level prerequisites. Needless to say, Kingdom Divided seems like a quest not for the faint of heart or low of level.  For newer players, buying a high level OSRS account may be required to skip the long level-up process of Runescape.

            Those of us who know how excited the dev team gets about hyping their extended quest lines will probably not be surprised that coinciding with the arrival of Kingdom Divided comes contests to help provide content for the game. This time, though, there is a slight surprise as their isn’t just one contest but two. Even better news, each contest is situated around a different skill set so more players will be able to participate than usual.

            The first contest is something that OSRS has hosted before, a login screen design challenge. Taking inspiration from the lore and background of the Kourend questline, the dev team is looking for submissions for a login screen that encapsulates the excitement of the arrival of Kingdom Divided. Submissions are open until 23:59 BST on May 24th. The entries will be narrowed down to four finalists, all of which will be awarded prizes, with the final ranking of the winners being settled in the grand tradition of a poll. So if you haven’t had a chance to submit an entry yet, get on it. We are really looking forward to seeing the final submissions we will get to vote on.

            The second contest is a little more atypical of a circumstance and although it’s not necessarily weird it does require a bit of a preface. The Kingdom Divided plot has been building for a long time and had developed fairly intricate lore. And that is with most players only taking into account the plot that is available straightforward in the quests. There is also the expanded supplemental lore that can be found on the OSRS website in the form of additional stories. With all of the lore spread out like this, people can hardly be blamed for having a hard time stringing it together. Especially if you can access it in a different order or time frames, say a few weeks between quests. Heck, we can hardly blame you if you didn’t know that the additional lore existed. The additional lore we are referring to in this instance is a six-part supplement to Kingdom Divided called the Kourend Chronicles. Only the first part has been released as of this being written, titled A Curious Client, but five more are soon to follow.

            That's where the second contest comes in. The OSRS devs are holding a contest to see who can construct the best “The Story So Far” video or lore recap. All you have to do is to make sure to cover the quests listed above, other than that the video is completely up to you. The devs encourage creativity, even with things like genre, as long as it tells the necessary story.

            To make the contest as accessible as possible to all players, the devs are also making it possible for everyone to claim the Oculus Orb. The Orb is an item in-game that gives players full control over the camera and makes it much easier to capture footage from Runescape. The devs thought this item would be an essential tool to anyone who would like to participate in this contest. To obtain the Oculus Orb you just need to speak to Diego in Draynor Village and then you will be one step closer to your contest-winning “Story So Far” video.

            We’ve been talking about several contests this whole time and we haven’t even mentioned the prizes. Both contests have the exact same prize spread for the top 4 spots in each, which means a total of 8 prize winners. The first-place winners will “take home” a £200 Amazon voucher and 12 months of membership. The second-place winners will get a £100 Amazon voucher and 6 months of membership. And the remaining four winners will all receive £50 Amazon voucher and 3 months of membership each. When the devs are willing to give away over £1000 worth of prizes for fan appreciation that most gaming studios will take advantage of for free, it does do a little bit to warm our cold hearts

            The devs have also posted what rewards you will receive for completing the soon-to-launch quest, the details of which will remain mum on to avoid those kinds of spoilers. If you wish to find out what riches lay in wait for you then you can find that information on the OSRS website. The terms and conditions for the contests are also available on the site so you can figure out the nitty-gritty, though honestly, it seemed pretty straightforward to us. Kingdom Divided launches June 2021 and we are looking forward to adventuring with you.


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