Old School Runescape Monthly Update

            The primary appeal of OSRS isn’t the nostalgia, though that may be what drew you to it in the first place. Rather it is the dedicated mod team. Older franchises have seen dedicated servers and pseudo-resurrections and even a few where development and improvement were continued by the players, but none could match the continued dedication and creativity of the Old School Runescape. Each weekly update is packed with new and exciting things coming to the game. Sure there might be calmer weeks here and there, but the good news is that the most recent update was not one of those.

            We will start from the least exciting and work our way up, shall we? To begin the mod team reported some background improvements and system changes to the quest system. The players should so no difference but if you notice something a little off, now you know why. Make sure to report it to the mod team so they have a chance to fix the glitch, but you shouldn’t expect anything to interrupt your normal gameplay.

            Following that there have been some fixes made to the Soul Wars event. The good news is the Zeal points awarded for clan victories will be increased and the max cap of zeal points has been increased as well. Some other changes include the scoreboard counting unfinished games as well as finished ones. That will start impacting your stats too so make sure to pay attention. Lastly, you’ll now be able to quick drop most Soul Wars specific items, with no more confirmation to destroy upon dropping. Generally, this makes inventory management a little smoother, just be careful that you don’t accidentally toss anything you wanted to keep a hold on.

            Next, we have one of the two newly announced contests for this update (don’t worry we will get to the second one in a bit here). The competition is an art competition to design a new cosmetic hat. The only rule is the hat needs to contain the color of a banana in the design. Why a banana? The contest doesn’t say. Maybe some sort of new banana-themed quest. If you are interested in making a submission you can tag the content on your preferred social media or email your entry to the mod team directly. The winner of this contest will get a year subscription for free, the King Black Dragon building set, and, what we consider the best prize of all, get an object that you designed in the game that you love! That’s pretty cool. That is, unless, the hat will be on a deadly villain. Though, I guess getting killed by someone wearing a hat you designed is still kind of cool.

            Lastly, we have the most exciting and biggest announcement for this update, a brand new event to challenge players, one that is supposed to be one of the toughest yet. TzHaar-Ket-Rak, an NPC who can be found in eastern Mor Ul Rek has a set of deadly PvM challenges for you. To face these challenges in their entirety you need to have beaten both the Fire Caves and Inferno.  Due to the high requirement, players can skip the grind and buy OSRS gold and accounts to get an edge on their competition.

            But what are the challenges? Each challenge will have you facing off against JalTok-Jads, a stronger version of the TzTok-Jad. Each challenge will have you facing off against one additional JalTok-Jad. So one for the first challenge, two for the second, and so on until you have to face off against six of these terrible foes. The fastest times for this challenge will earn their place on the scoreboard for all to see.

            But fame and glory aren’t all that is up for grabs, of course, there are other prizes. For each round, you beat you will be awarded a Tokkul, the rare currency of the TzHaar. If you beat the sixth challenge you will be awarded a bonus prize, the option to transform your  TzTok-Jad pet into your very own JalTok-Jad. What a prize, right?

            Believe it or not, that isn’t all that's up for grabs in beating TzHaar-Ket-Rak's Challenges. The mod team is offering a very special prize to the top three times on the scoreboards. Place in the top three and you will win a year’s subscription and the lovely King Black Dragon building set.

            Speed isn’t the only thing that the mods will be rewarding, though. Killing efficiently is good, but killing creatively takes its own special kind of talent. Post the most interesting or creative way you are able to bring down your six JalTok-Jad and you the one that the mods decide is the most impressive will be awarded a generous six-month subscription for free.

             Now the mod team seems to know that “most creative” could be a bit subjective. So they also plan to put everyone who competes in the first two weeks into a raffle with the chance to win three months just for giving it a try. It’s good to know you don’t always need to be fast to snag yourself some free months, sometimes your artistry in monster-slaying can pay off too. Even though we all know that this specific variety of creativity is its own reward.

            Some exciting news with this update, new challenges, new rules for the challenges that are in good standing, and an art contest. Like we were saying, the sheer variety of different forms of entertainment provided for players in and out of the game make being part of this community a real good time. Tie that in with the upcoming news of the clan update and we can’t help but feel the love for our fellow OSRS players and the mod staff and makes this all possible. We’re not saying that we were going to pull any punches the next time we catch you out in Wilderness or go easy on you in Ironman mode. Just know that we are definitely feeling the warm fuzzies while we attempt to stab, shoot, and curse each other. And isn’t that type of comradery what MMO gaming is really about?

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