Old School Runescape Soul Wars

            What a new year for Old School Runescape fans! You all have not one but two major game events happening simultaneously. Honestly, we think the OSRS fanbase is one of the overall most spoiled, especially with all the care and consideration that goes into the new content that gets released. The OSRS team is truly dedicated to both ensuring consistently fun gameplay and keeping their system open to player feedback and input. This is why we are super excited to talk about the events that are ringing in the new year, a new mini-game, and an anniversary to celebrate.

            To start, we have Soul Wars, the mini-game event that the devs were really excited about launching this year. So much effort was being poured into Soul Wars that players had a relatively tame winter holiday event. The dev team wasn’t worried about that though, confident that soul wars would be fun enough to make up for it.

            Soul Wars takes place on the Isle of Souls, a private island with its own arena. Here the two teams will battle it out against each other and the opposing team’s terrible and powerful avatar. The goal is simple, kill the opposing team’s avatar 5 times before they can do it to yours. Each Soul Wars match lasts 15 minutes. If those 15 minutes pass before either team can reach 5 kills, then the team with the most kills wins. Pretty straight forward.

            A couple of catches to make the game just a bit more interesting. Both avatars, while different in appearance, have the same stats. These stats include massive amounts of damage reduction (or DR). This DR can be reduced by taking control of the Soul Obelisk and sacrificing soul fragments to it. These sacrifices will reduce the opposing avatars DR. Your team, in turn, can combat your avatars DR reduction by burying bones in cemeteries. You have to try and balance all this while the opposing team’s goal is to do the same and to murder you while they are at it.

            Sound like a blast? Well, it sure does to us. And we haven’t even gotten to all the cool prizes you can claim. It’s a mini-game, right? So of course they’re going to be awesome exclusives, ranging from a came to show where your team loyalties lie to items that give you bonus prayer XP for each spirit you slay. That could be one heck of an XP bump if you know what you are doing.

            Now before you get too excited up, there are a few requirements that are necessary to play in Soul Wars. Firstly you need a pretty high total level, 500 or higher. This might be done to prevent people with particularly stacked character builds from participating. You also need to be at combat level 40 or higher. This is less likely to do with regulating certain builds, and more about making sure there is a baseline for match setups so they are always above a certain threshold of fairness as well as entertainment. Fast easy matches can be boring for the winners too. And lastly, but far from leastly, like with many other mini-games, Soul Wars is accessible to member players only. A bit of a bummer for nonmembers, no doubt. But the longer you wait the more new content comes along, so you feel the need to hold out just a bit longer. Make your investment count.

            What about something for those old-school players who as been playing Runescape for a long long time. As it turns out, OSRS is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the launch of Runescape. Think of it, 20 years ago and one of the most popular internet franchises of all time launched.  Since then the game has grown not only as a game, but as an industry with many companies that buy and sell OSRS accounts. And its growth and birth have been a slow process sometimes you may not notice but the consistent gameplay and dedicated development have made this an accomplishment and not a downside. Everyone who plays knows that new content has been meticulously vetted to make sure the game your playing is the best they can deliver.

            What does this quest entail exactly? Well, the developers have been forthcoming about how the quest starts as well as an interesting tidbit or two. A gnome child has been summoned from the very fabric of Runescape, the proof being that the child is still green (like they used to be before some of the more recent changes). The devs say that by escorting the gnome child around, you will visit the oldest parts of the game and try and unearth some of its greatest mysteries. Like why the baker needs so many people to bring him cake ingredients or where the Wise Old Man got his hat from. You know, the important ones. Eventually, the child will bring you someplace called the Realm of Memories, where you will be able to meet some old familiar faces that might have gone missing from the core game.

            Sure, this might be more of a nostalgic sightseeing tour than a hardcore quest, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some lovely loot to be had, tucked away at the end of the rainbow. For your troubles, you will get a snazzy 20th-anniversary outfit, topped with a rather...interesting mask that resembles the gnome child’s face. That might not be “lovely” loot but it was certainly fun to take a trip down memory lane for. Members will also get an exclusive aesthetic for the player’s home in the style of a chapel. Always nice where recreate some of our favorite designs into our own private space.

            There you have it. Two exciting events to start off the year. The only concern at this point is the devs are going to try and top themselves next month. Give us a little time you guys, it takes some effort to get through all this gameplay. Then again, with quality like this, why should I be complaining. Keep it coming folks, you know what’s best for Runescape.  If you are looking to jump straight into Soul Wars, check out all of our Old School Runescape accounts for sale on the website.

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