Rare Pets In Runescape 3

            Runescape 3 has a lot of pets. Dozens and dozens of them, in fact. Pets you can be awarded via a quest, summon through skill, or obtain in battle plus many other ways. These pets generally will sit out a fight and are more for the aesthetic than anything, but some of them have some additional benefits such as aiding in specialty quests.

            If you play RS3, chances are you have seen a pet that you haven’t seen before, following a particularly high-level player. Some of these rare and interesting pets can be obtained in challenging, and sometimes obscure, ways.  These pets can add a large amount of value when players choose to buy and sell Runescape 3accounts. We think it would be cool if a bunch more of these pets were making the rounds, so we figured we could tip people off on where to find the rarest pets in all of Runescape 3.

            Now there are some pets that have increased cost or skill requirements but they aren’t truly “rare”, just hard to obtain. We are going to focus on those pets that not only require skill but loot drop luck as well. Those tend to be the easiest to miss since you can do the same task a dozen times without even knowing that it spawns. We don’t blame people for missing something that has a 1 in 2500 spawn rate, but we also have no reservations about keying you in on what was missed. Both sides seem fair game to us. We are also going to focus on non-boss specific pets since they tend to resemble the boss in question and it should be easier to figure out who spawns them.

            The first pet we will start off with is the lovely little mechanical pal, the Cresbot. Cresbot is a smaller version of the Automaton enemy and obtained from defeating them. Fighting Automatons is a little tougher since they appear only after the completion of certain quests and even then the Cresbot is still a very rare drop. The Cresbot does manage to be a little easier to find than some of the other pets on this list because a Most Wanted (Automaton) card can be obtained and it will increase the rare item drop rate when defeating Automatons. The coolest thing about the Cresbot is they don’t require food, so feeding them is not necessary to keep them as a pet.

            Next, we have the pet glowing green scorpion Ishhara. Ishhara is obtained by finding a corrupted egg in either Menaphos or Sophanem. This is particularly tough because there is nothing you can do to affect your chances of finding a corrupted egg. If you want this glowing friend, you sort of just have to hang around those areas until you get lucky enough to stumble across one, and chances of that are not working in your favor.

            The next pet we are going to talk about is the friendly little edimmu, Eddy. Eddy a pet with a drop chance from the powerful edimmu enemy type. Powerful Edimmus are already a rare spawn and pet drops are also extremely rare. Some players did the math and found your chances of getting Eddy is close to 1 in 25000, making him quite the rare pet. The good news is that, even if those numbers are spot on, there is equipment like the ring of wealth that can increase powerful edimmu spawn rates, the bad news is that Eddy’s drop rate for those enemies stays the same.

            Rare still, we have a somewhat utilizable pet. The Abyssal Hound is unlocked with the Shattered Worlds mini-game. You can obtain an Abyssal Hound as a reward from the reward chest at the end of the mini-game, but the numbers will be working against you, hence why it is on a list of rare pets. The neat thing about the Abyssal Hound is that it displayed the farthest you’ve made it in Shattered Worlds as if having one wasn’t bragging enough. The equation to determine your chance of pulling this colorful pooch is based on your progress. The factor (X) goes up by 5 for every 5 worlds you complete. It’s a little confusing, and you don’t really have to do the math to alter your chances of finding the Abyssal Hound. The point is if you make it to world 200 (the farthest you can get in the mini-game that still has a reward tier) then you will only have a 1000/150000 or 0.67% of receiving this pet as a reward. That almost puts it at the rarest always available pet in the game. Almost.

            Lastly, and most rarely on our list, we have the lovely Penny. Penny is a pet that is created when a player obtains three key items, the dark soul, the dark mind, and the dark body. Each of these items is a very rare drop for a specific enemy. You can obtain a dark soul from a truthful shadows at a 1/1000 spawn rate. You need to get the dark mind from a blissful shadows at a 1/2000 spawn rate. Finally, you would have to obtain the dark body from a manifest shadows at 1/3000. Now, this doesn’t make obtaining Penny impossible, but it does put your luck in the realm of astronomical. There is a reason that is a pet is very rarely seen accompanying players, as managing to get your hands on all three pieces without persistent and intentional grinding is real lotto luck.

            Those are some of the rarest and hard to find pets in all of Runescape 3. Sure, they might not provide some immediate benefit, but like many rewards in Runescape it isn’t about the power it’s about the prestige. The low spawn rates aren’t meant to deprive people, they are meant to reward commitment to obtaining something you thought would be cool. Maybe Ishhara’s soft glow really brings out your cape, or maybe you want everyone else to know how deep you were willing to go into the Shattered Worlds in order to get your hands on the intimidating Abyssal Hound. Or, hey, maybe you just really like tiny robots. We aren’t here to judge, we just want to make sure you have the tiny creature following you around that you deserve. 

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