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The Old School Runescape mods made a post recently that contained some exciting news. A while back they announced plans to implement an in-game clan system. And while progress has been slow going, they have a lot they are willing to show off so fans know that progress is chugging along as well as the direction of that progress.

            Clans, as a concept, have been integral since the early days of the original Runescape. Clans were a way for players to organize and orient themselves around a specific form of social play or goal. The key difference between their original iterations and the soon-to-be-implemented mechanics in OSRS is that clans used to be entirely player crafted and maintained.

            While original Runescape introduced some mechanics to make clan-style play easier, such as team capes and clan chat, much of the clan management was left up to the player base. Given that much of the OSRS mod-team are fans of the game themselves, it is unsurprising that many of the mechanics being implemented for in-game clan formation are things that other players have wanted for a long time.

            For starters, mechanizing the whole process makes organizing itself that much easier, let alone anything else. The planned location for the clan hub is going to be in the southeast with the grand exchange where you can start a clan as long as you and four other interested parties go there and speak to the clerk. You may only start one clan a day but and those are the only restrictions. The other four members don’t even have to maintain permanent membership within the clan.

            Clans will have access to their own chat rooms. To prevent confusion, the existing clan chat will be changed to friend chat. The clan chat rooms, of which you can have multiple, can be named for ease of organization.

            One of the most exciting additions is going to be the ranks. Ranks are titles that you can give your subordinate clan members that determine their authority within the clan. And while you sadly can’t customize the titles you hand out, the mods are planning on providing a wide assortment of titles to pick and change so you can flavor the titles of your can as you see fit. There will be seventeen rank slots in total so you’ll have access to a lot of options. The owner of the clan will also be able to allocate responsibilities to each title as they see fit. Want a certain title to be able to recruit new members but don’t want them to be able to alter the public-facing clan page? You can customize that.

            Speaking of invitations, the mods are building several different ways to invite players. You can have general open applications or applications with specific parameters with attack level, fairly straightforward stuff. If you want to relegate recruitment to one or two specific people you can give them the ability to turn on and off open invitations on the character, so other players will be able to see they are recruiting and approach them if interested. If you are happy with a clan of you and your friends then recruitment doesn’t have to be turned on at all.

            One additional perk, one that is still being figured out and they aren’t ready to say too much about it, will be clan halls. Clan halls are planned to hang out places for your clan. They are supposed to be less like player homes, no investments, and more like communal areas. The mods are even discussing allowing the clan owners to determine who will be allowed inside these halls, ranging from a general open invitation to members and guests to restricting hall entrance to only certain ranks of players. Considering that it would seem there is no cost for starting a clan this seems like a really cool perk that you get just for hanging out with your friends.

            The really exciting thing is when we look at the implications of clans being worked into the general game. While it has proven to be incredibly taxing to try and add clan mechanics, how long the project is taking as a whole being the obvious evidence, the payoff could be much larger than adding the clans themselves. The understanding of linking players together in-game infrastructure and how it would work means that the mods could add a lot more in terms of player connected events. A clan-based iron man challenge and inter-world mini-game play are proposed additions we could see as a result but the possibilities are entirely endless.

            That's what they have cooking right now, but that is likely to be far from all of it as the mods move forward. One thing we love in particular about the team behind OSRS is that they are fans making a game for the fans. They are always checking Reddit and discord for feedback to know what features players want to see or what they could be doing differently to best implement this or any other new features and updates. So if you see anything here that doesn’t sit right with you, or you think should be done differently, they are open to hearing about it. Which is a communication opportunity that many players never get the chance to take advantage of and one that we are completely behind.

            So if you haven’t signed onto the server in a while and are looking for an excuse to reconnect with your old clan, OSRS is making it easier than ever to reconnect. And considering the social distancing that is happening in many places around the world right now, we can’t think of a better time to add this mechanic designed to bring people together. This is great even if you are completely new to the OSRS seen, chances are there will be a clan to help you get your footing, and who knows you just might make a friend or two along the way.  If you don’t have a PVP ready character, check out our OSRS pures for sale.  These accounts really shine in both clan and wilderness PVP.


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