60 Undead Rogue | Faerlina | Grunt | 300 Skinning | 299 Engineering

Server : Faerlina
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  • 60 Undead Rogue:
  • Server: Faerlina
  • Faction: Horde
  • Mount Unlocked: Blue Skeltal Horse (60%)
  • Gold: 48
  • Professions: Engineering 299, Skinning 300, First Aid 300
  • Honor Rank: Grunt (Rank 2)
  • Honorable Kills: 299
  • Helm: Mask of the Unforgiven
  • Neck: Mark of Fordring
  • Shoulders: Chieften's Shoulders of Agility
  • Back: Dark Phantom Cape
  • Chest: Shadowcraft Tunic (Rare Set)
  • Wrists: Shadowcraft Bracers (Rare Set)
  • Weapon: Thrash Blade
  • Off-Hand: Mirah's Song
  • Wand or Bow: Wiley's Portable Howitzer
  • Gloves: Devilsaur Gauntlets
  • Belt: Shadowcraft Belt
  • Legs: Shadowcraft Pants
  • Feet: Shadefiend Boots
  • Ring 1: Mason Fraternity Ring
  • Ring 2: Blackstone Ring
  • Trinket 1: Rune of the Guard Captain
  • Trinket 2: Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector
  • Strength: 119
  • Agility: 272
  • Stamina: 172
  • Intellect: 33
  • Spirit: 82
  • Armor: 1716

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