Clash of Clans Releases TH14 Update

            For those fellow Clash of Clans players, we know you are as excited as we are. A whole new level of the town hall was added in one of the most recent updates. A new level of the town hall will affect every other aspect of your clan and your town. Upgrades to units, buildings, and spells and a bunch of new clout that you will be able to bring to the clash. We just have so much to talk about!

            Firstly, just the changes that come about from getting the level 14 town hall itself. The storage capacity for gold is increased to 2 million, and the same goes for the storage capacity for elixir. The Dark Elixir Storage is also increased, allowing a player to hold up to 20K now. The town hall now has a whopping 8900 hit points. On the off chance that someone has the strength to bust through all that beefy health, the level 14 town hall contains an additional defense mechanism where if it is destroyed it will release a bomb that poisons enemies, slowing them and reducing their attack.

            But that poison is the last line of defense, and so much more is unlocked with the additional level. The whopping 25 wall pieces that come with the 14th town hall level is a big enough jump to seriously slow down invading clans. And that isn’t even taking into account the additional seeking air mine, skeleton trap, and bombs you now have to aid in your defense. There is also the level buffs that almost every building in your town will receive, including both safer storage and more effective defense mechanisms. More security always makes us feel safer, or at least better about putting the hurt on the people who robbed us.

            It isn’t just defenses, a ton of other stuff has access to buffs because of this new town hall level. The hero’s level caps have all increased. The Barbarian King has seen his level cap go up to 80, raising his potential DPS to 595 and his potential hit points to 11250. His special ability, Iron Fist, also has the capacity to go up to level 16. The Archer Queen’s level cap is also raised to level 80. Her DPS has reached a whopping max of 840 and her hit points have been raised to a respectable 3565. Her Loyal Cloak ability has also been extended to level 16. The Grand Warden’s new level cap is 55, which makes their new DPS and hit point cap much lower, but those aren’t the focus of the Warden. The increase of the Warden’s ability level is what we are excited to see with a whole new level of bonus hit points. The same goes for the Royal Champion. Their new level cap of just 30 doesn’t add a whole bunch of power in terms of stats, but the level it grants in their ability is where it makes all the difference.

            And that’s just the heroes. There are 8 units that also receive level cap extensions. And while their stat buffs aren’t nearly as impressive as some of the most powerful units in the game, obviously, but these little buffs can be extremely important. Specifically, because it is these units that you will be producing in bulk. So that little bit of extra hit points and DPS is actually multiplied that many times over, meaning you are actually getting a ton more power than you realize from the single-level cap extension. It actually evens out in some regards, if still favoring the heroes a tad. And that doesn’t even take into account the strategic benefits that the level increases we are seeing with the healer and the ice golem. We are just saying, never underestimate investing in some of your non-hero units.

            The super units have had their level increased as well, which is pretty neat in theory. We are a bit concerned about some of the other balance notes regarding the super troops though. The super units overall DPS has been reduced by 50 across the board and, as a counterpoint, the super troop hit points are going up by 100. Except the notes also add that the Super Giant’s hit points will be reduced by 200. Further, the Inferno Dragon super troop is also getting 2 debuffs in the form of decreased damage and increased cooldown times. And while this isn’t a huge downgrade individually it really starts to add up overall. It makes us a bit salty about pouring the massive amounts of resources into level upgrades just for them to be less effective, even if it is just a little.

            To talk about something that we are a little more optimistic and excited about, the new spell level caps. Poison has had its spell level cap increased to 8. Combined with the new poison bomb that is part of the level 14 town hall, you have a lot of poison potential. The other spell that received a level gain is Clone, going up to level 7. The neat thing about Clone getting that level is that it also got a buff for its level 6 form. So it’s kind of has the opposite issue that the super troops do, that the balance changes buff the spells while you get the level from the town hall upgrade. More bang for your buck, if you will. Or clones I guess. Either way, it’s still fine by me.

            So there you have it, all the cool stuff that you will get for upgrading your town hall to level 14.   Lots of cool upgrades and new levels to buff, along with some nice hero cap increases.  Don’t sweat it if you are new to Clash of Clans as we have many TH14 Clash of Clansaccounts for sale on our website.  The balance corrections being what they are but we reserve the right to gripe just a little. It certainly won’t stop us from enjoying our new lovely town hall and all the perks that are going to come with it. And who knows, maybe even the nerfs will grow on us a little. Stranger things have happened. 


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