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World of Warcraft History

When looking to buy WoW accounts, there is a lot about the history of the game that you should know about. World of Warcraft, also commonly referred to as WoW, the most popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) in the market. It was originally released by the game company, Blizzard Entertainment on November 23, 2004. World of Warcraft is the conclusion of the Warcraft franchise that began with Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. 15 years later, World of Warcraft is in its 7th full expansion with a new expansion in the works.


  • The Burning Crusade
  • Wrath of the Lich King
  • Cataclysm
  • Mists of Pandaria
  • Warlords of Draenor
  • Legion
  • Battle for Azeroth
The current expansion, Battle for Azeroth, is commonly referred to as BFA. BFA was released on August 14, 2018. World of Warcraft runs on Blizzard Entertainment’s platform, and requires a monthly subscription fee of $14.99 USD in order to play. There are many private servers such as Kronos, which we do not buy or sell accounts on. At Accountwarehouse, you can buy WoW accounts on both the retail and classic servers.

Buy WoW Characters

World of Warcraft was originally released with 8 races and 9 classes. In the current version of the game, there are 12 classes and 12 races with 10 additional races unlocked as you progress through the Legion expansion. The legion expansion also introduced the newest class, the demon hunter.

Players are divided between two factions: the Alliance and the Horde. Each class in World of Warcraft has specific strengths and weaknesses but truly shine when grouped together with each other. The game revolves around the healer, tank and DPS trilogy that most MMORPG’s revolve around. While some characters such as warlocks only have one role, some classes excel at playing all 3 roles depending on their spec. Every class has a DPS spec, but not every class can be a healer or a tank.

WoW Classes and Specs:

  • Warrior – Fury, Arms, or Protection
  • Hunter – Beast Master, Survival, or Marksman
  • Priest – Holy, Discipline, or Shadow
  • Shaman – Enhancement, Restoration, Elemental
  • Warlock – Destruction, Demonology, Affliction
  • Druid – Restoration, Balance, Feral (Guardian)
  • Paladin – Holy, Retribution, Protection
  • Rogue – Assassination, Combat, Subtlety
  • Mage – Frost, Arcane, Fire
When you buy WoW accounts from Accountwarehouse, many of the accounts will have a main character along with several alts. Every WoW account for sale will have both the main character and alts listed.

Getting to Level 120 WoW Characters

Azeroth, the magical world in WoW, is filled with endless adventures. In World of Warcraft, there is no such thing as beating the game. Instead, there is enough endgame content to keep even the most hardcore player interested for years.

When you create your first character, you start out as a puny level 1 in a dangerous world. Your goal is to reach lvl 120, the current level cap in Battle for Azeroth. Along the way, you will slay countless foes, complete epic quests, and crawl through dangerous dungeons. The entire way you will loot powerful weapons and weapons while learning new skills, all with the goal of becoming stronger. Once you reach level 120, the max level in BFA, the game is not over. Instead, your adventure in Azeroth is just beginning.

This grind to level 120 can take weeks to complete. Many players choose to skip the grind by buying a WoW account. Here at Accountwarehouse, we are always fully stocked with every type of account listed at the best prices. Take a moment and browse our full inventory of WoW accounts for sale.

World of Warcraft Gear and Gearing WoW Characters

Items in World of Warcraft are usually color-coded based upon their rarity. Vendor trash, or items that can only be sold for gold to vendors, are usually grey. White items are usually crafting materials that can be used to create other items using professions. Green items are uncommon rarity. Most quest rewards are uncommon items. Blue gear is considered a rare item. 5 man dungeon bosses and some quests rewards blue gear. The most powerful gear in World of Warcraft is epic gear, or purples. All of the most powerful weapons and armor are purple gear. These purple gear pieces drop from raid bosses and final rewards from mythic dungeons. The gear that your character has goes a long way into determining the value of a WoW account. A fresh lvl 120 WoW account for sale will mostly have green or blue gear and isn’t very powerful. On the other hand, a full BiS epic character will be in a league of its own. Best in slot gear is commonly referred to as BiS. When you buy WoW accounts, the more geared the character is, the higher price it will be.

World of Warcraft PVE Content and Raiding

PVE or Player vs Environment involves players competing against AI controlled monsters, bosses, and events. Most of the World of Warcraft game involves PVE content of some kind, whether it’s clearing raids, running mythic plus dungeons, or completing your daily world quests.


Raid content is the ultimate end-game goal for World of Warcraft players. Raiding requires a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 25 players. In previous expansions, WoW required attunements in order to access raids. Attunements were a quest line that acts as a key to enter the raid. In present expansions, no attunements are necessary to enter the zone.

In a raid, players must work together to defeat end-game bosses and are rewarded with armor, weapons, and in some cases even rare mounts. Healers, tanks, and DPS must all work together towards defeating bosses. Raids can be run at different difficulty levels: Raid Finder, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. The first three difficulties scale based on the number of players in the raid, while Mythic raids, the highest difficulty raid, always requires 25 players. The final boss in a mythic raid usually drops an extremely rare mount that becomes unobtainable once a new raid is released. The higher difficulty that you run the raid, the better the rewards are. Raid carries and boosting are available here. Simply visit our WoW boosting page and select the package that works best for you. Alternately, you can buy WoW accounts from our website and skip the grind. We have WoW accounts for sale that are anywhere from raid-finder geared to fully raid geared.

Mythic Plus Dungeons

Dungeons are similar to raids in the sense that players work together to defeat a number of bosses. The difference between dungeons and raids is the fact that dungeons only require 5 players to run. All dungeons require 1 tank, 1 healer, and 3 DPS classes. Dungeon difficulty is ranked as Normal, Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic Plus. While these dungeons have the same bosses, their health, damage, and abilities are amplified the higher the difficulty.

Mythic plus dungeons are timed versions of the dungeons. The rewards gained at the end of the dungeon depend on how fast it is cleared. Mythic plus difficulties are scaled from 1 through 15, with Mythic 15 being the most difficult but most rewarding. Every week, players can run mythic plus dungeons and fight for position on leaderboards. At the end of the week, players receive a special Mythic plus cache that rewards them with raid level weapons, armor, and in some cases epic Azerite armor. The gear from Mythic Plus dungeons can rival Heroic and sometimes even Mythic raid level gear.

World of Warcraft PvP Content

PvP, which stands for Player vs Player, refers to World of Warcraft’s gameplay that puts players fighting against each other. WoW allows players to queue up for battlegrounds, arenas, and rated battlegrounds. While some aspects of PVE exist in PVP combat, the majority of the emphasis is on defeating other players.


Battlegrounds have been around since vanilla World of Warcraft and were originally Horde vs Alliance only. Depending on which battleground is chosen, anywhere from 10 to 40 players fight for control of a zone, resources, or capture the flag. Players can choose to between both ranked and unranked battlegrounds. Ranked battlegrounds require players to queue up as a group while unranked battlegrounds allow for solo queues. Unranked battlegrounds reward players with honor points while ranked rewards players with conquest points. These points can be spent purchasing Combatant and Gladiator gear from PvP vendors. Currently there are 12 different battlegrounds. At the end of each PvP season, ranked battlegrounds reward players with rare mounts, tabards, and titles. Every WoW account for sale on our website will have all the notable PVP ratings and mounts in the listing.


Arena PvP is much smaller than battlegrounds but usually much faster paced. The World of Warcraft arena is divided into 3 brackets; 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5. Arena combat involves two teams placed on opposite ends of a small arena zone with the goal of being the last man standing. Arena combat is usually extremely fast paced and matches typically last less than 3 minutes. Players are rewarded with conquest points and rank upon winning arena matches. The arena matching system allows players that fall under the same skill level to fight against each other. As players increase in rank, their matches will be against higher skilled players. At the end of the season, highly ranked arena players are rewarded with titles, mounts, and achievement points. Gladiator mounts are extremely rare mounts given to teams that finish at the very highest rank at the end of the arena season. While these gladiator titles and mounts are super rare, we do occasionally have WoW accounts for sale that have them. These extremely rare accounts do not usually last very long as they are in high demand by players who buy WoW accounts.

Buy WoW Accounts

With all the content that World of Warcraft offers, it’s easy for gamers to become overwhelmed. Between daily quests, raids, mythic plus dungeons, battlegrounds, and arenas, most gamers find it very difficult to stay caught up. With new content being constantly released by Blizzard, it’s very easy to fall behind the curve. Your BiS gear becomes quickly obsolete as new gear becomes obtainable. Some WoW accounts for sale will have mounts that are extremely rare such as TCG mounts or unobtainable mounts like previous arena rewards. When you are ready to buy a WoW account, be sure to take your time and read our listings for all the rare mounts and achievements.

By allowing our customers to buy World of Warcraft accounts, it becomes much easier to stay ahead of the curve. We are always fully stocked with every type of WoW account listed at the best price. Whether you are looking for a fresh level 120, an account with 300+ mounts, or a fully raid geared BiS character, we offer the best value when it comes to buying WoW accounts.

Beware of sites that withhold the account email or other game account information. When you buy WoW accounts, if you do have access to the linked email account, you do not fully control the game account information. Every game account sold by our website is protected by our Lifetime Warranty. When you purchase a World of Warcraft account, the full game information is delivered to you via email after our light customer verification. Furthermore, for extra peace of mind, we offer the Account Shield extended warranty on every game account. For discount codes and special offers, please follow us on social media. If you do not see the perfect WoW account for sale that you are looking for, we list new accounts daily.

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