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Buying a New World account can be a stressful experience if done at the wrong site. The buyer would have to worry about the safety of the account, if the seller is genuine, and making sure they actually get what they paid for. Here at Accountwarehouse we take all of the stress out of the experience. Every account we sell is covered by our Lifetime Warranty (Link) or Shield Package (Link) if upgraded. The buyer will always receive exactly what is shown in the listing as well. Every account is inventoried by hand to ensure accuracy and will be delivered within 20 minutes of purchase. Lastly to ensure the buyer keeps the account every account we sell has gone through our full fraud screening to ensure that every New World account sold is as safe as possible.

The New World, is the newest MMORPG from Amazon Studios. New World brings players to an original setting, allowing them to explore not only a vast and mysterious continent but also the factions and laws that rule over it.

New World takes place in the land of Aeternum. You are shipwrecked in this strange and mysterious place where magic moves through everything. Magic is what keeps everything in Aeternum alive long past what is natural. This magic has given new worth to every leaf and stone that you come across. And while that magic is what creates the loot and resources, including the most valuable resource in the whole of the continent, Azoth. Magic hasn’t just made the treasure but also its guardians. Many people, creatures, and even plants have been dwelling on Aeternum for so long that they have been turned wretched and viscous.

But who are the powers that be that are trying to build a place for themselves in the land of Aeternum? Players can choose to be a part of one of three factions and to ally with one means to side against the other two. The Marauders are a military force trying to establish a “free” nation where “might makes right” is the law of the land. The Syndicate is a group dedicated to discovering the forbidden long hidden deep in the unknown of Aeternum. Lastly, The Covenant is the faction driven by conviction to fight for justice. Each of these factions is led by NPCs in order to pursue the factions as well as their own. That doesn’t mean that players won’t have any power in the factions. They will be able to form their own individual companies within the faction and coordinate with other players.

By working within your faction you can use the resources you gather to improve settlements in your name. So each improvement you create in a shared settlement for your faction is more clout for both them and your character. Apparently, that isn’t all you can do with your resources. According to the New World website, players will be able to craft thousands of weapons, armor, and materials. They won’t be just for your personal use either. The markets will be player-run, meaning anyone with a mind can make their fortune entirely in the economy of Aeternum.

If earning a living as a merchant or a craftsman doesn’t strike you, then you are welcome to explore the dangers and mysterious places beyond the settlement walls. If you go, though, the game intends for you to go armed. There is a wide variety of options to choose from in combat. Your character can wield a wide variety of melee and ranged weapons as well as spells. And not only does the player get to determine what they wield but how they wield it. Company activities can be combat-focused too. A player and four of their friends can go on expeditions, special group dungeons that will take you to the deepest and darkest corners of Aeternum. Party balancing will definitely be an interesting game meta to keep your eyes on, as there is no classes in New World, so we will like to see how that is going to play out.

One of the most interesting things we are seeing on the new world website is the amount of gameplay already dedicated to high-level content. There is the Outpost Rush, a PvPvE mode where two teams of 20 in different factions compete to maintain control of an outpost that is under attack. That mode is intended for max-level players. Invasion or a massive enemy attack forcing 50 players to band together to defend the player settlements is another max level activity. The last activity, War, which involves an inter-faction conflict between two groups of 50 people doesn’t have a level intent stated, but going off of the previous two examples, as well as the nature of the combat, I don’t think it is a stretch to assume it is at least a high-level type of engagement. To take this optimistically would mean that the New World developers have a lot of faith in low and mid-level content if they believe it is worth promoting late-game content before the game has even been officially released.

New World’s was released on the 28th of September. This release was for PC only and not for console players. The good news is you do not need an Amazon account to play nor will you need to even purchase the game from Amazon, as it will also be available through Steam. There was an open beta available for a short time on Steam, so if you are curious to get an idea of how the game looks and plays, there should be some accessible footage out there.

The FAQ on the New World website does also state that there will be the ability to make optional purchases in-game. There is also a special deluxe edition that can be purchased for exclusive additional rewards. While this shouldn’t catch anyone by surprise, it does make us curious as to what Amazon Studios is doing to separate itself from the rest of the pack in terms of the MMORPG market. Not that we think that any of what was stated on the site or promotional material is inherently bad or good, we will wait till we play it ourselves to make that sort of judgment. What we are seeing is a lot of roads already traveled in the realms of MMORPGs, maybe not entirely, but not different enough to make us more curious or eager. We are excited to see if anything in the gameplay makes this new addition to the scene stand out in the genre.

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Account Warehouse has a really solid and nice support team. They were able to guide me through the process really quickly and smoothly. Definitely would recommend.

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This is my 3rd or 4th account I have sold to accountwarehouse and have had a pleasurable experience everytime. If you are thinking about selling your account or even buying one, these guys are honest, trustworthy, and are very secure and safe about their business. Been dealing with them for over 4-5 years. There is no risk on the consumer side so give them a try. You won't regret it. Accountwarehouse, you guys rock, keep up the great work.

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