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           The MMORPG app Epic7 may not be the newest sensation to hit the scene but it still stands out as one of the best examples of the genre in the app store. A game developed in South Korea and advertises itself as the anime you can play. Epic7 sports some of the very best graphics available on an app game alongside a gripping storyline. Where Epic7 truly shines is the engrossing and interesting gameplay. It can be a bit daunting for new players, but we don’t think that should deter you. In fact, we think as many people should be playing Epic7 with us as want to, so we made this handy little tip guide on how to play to make it easier for our friends to experience the fun with us.

            The trickiest part of the early game is managing the rather sizable and diverse amount of materials that a player needs to manage. The important thing to emphasize is not using the wrong materials too early and focusing your intent on the right efforts.

            One of the most important advantages you have early on is the Selective Summon. When you are obtaining heroes, instead of being completely random you will get to make some early choices on what team members you use. The right team will not just get you started on the right foot but in Epic7 your starting team can carry you all the way to the endgame.

            When it comes to farming the summons, the most important tip that we hear is not to try and get characters that will be more helpful to late game or PVP. Your goal should be to aim to recruit characters that will help most with farming supplies and progressing through the story mode. There are four characters you should primarily focus on obtaining. You would try and get as many of these characters as possible but considering the recruitment process is rolled and random, taking what you can get is not a bad thing.

            Either way, you will be looking for a character pull with any or all of the following characters: Vildred, Sez, Angelica, and Clarissa. Vildred is the best character in the game for farming with Sez and Clarissa coming in at a close second. Angelica is the slight outlier in this group. She is one of the best characters in the Soul Weaver class in the whole game. Angelica also has the versatility to double as a tank build, which makes her both powerful and useful.

            The reason you want to have a high-capacity farming hero is that a lot of the materials you can obtain in the early game have little use or are useless until late game, but are extremely valuable for this same reason. You need a hero who can help you save up materials that you will be able to best utilize much farther down the road. You’ll want to make sure and not use up Phantasmas that you receive in the early game. You might feel tempted to use the Phantasmas as an enhancement item, but avoid doing so. You will earn plenty of other materials that work just as well and the Phantasmas are essential to hero promotion since they can take the place of other heroes when you need fodder in order to promote.  So you are going to want to keep them safe and tucked away until you absolutely need them.

            Another pitfall we see a lot of players dealing with is investing resources into enhancing sub-par items. You want to make sure to enhance the item that best benefits your character’s stats and that it will be an item you want to carry with you until the late game. Do not waste your charms or gold on an item that is there to fill space in an inventory slot. The rare and below rare weapons have a much lower rate of upgrading stats when enhancing equipment. You’ll want to make sure and spend your resources on what is going to give you the most power for the lowest cost, and enhancing lower-tier equipment is simply investing in poor stat buffs. It might help you get to the other side of some challenges but will cost you much more power in the long run.            

            When leveling and equipping your characters to get through the adventure, you want to make sure and focus on your main DPS when you are starting out. This will be the character that will carry you and provide the necessary momentum you will need to get yourself properly set up. This hero and their items will also be where you want to focus your enhancement stores, the ones you will be used in the early game at least.

            Another aspect of the gameplay you are going to want to focus on early on is the Wyvern Hunt. The Wyvern Hunt is a popular choice for players to pursue because it has tons of really useful rewards, so you will want to compose a team for that hunt specifically. The most important role in this team will be the tank since the boss of this hunt will target them and only them specifically. Angelica can fulfill that role well as we mentioned earlier, but there are many other characters who will perform well here, such as Tywin or Krau. Some guides for the hunt even suggest building a two-character team for maximum efficiency, focusing on your tank and the DPS build we recommended earlier will yield the most profitable results for this type of attempt.

            We hope this guide made the game seem less daunting to you and more inclined to give one of the best games available in app stores a try. If you are looking to skip the grind and get right into the game check out some of our Epic7 accounts for sale. Some players like to covet their gameplay techniques, thinking that other people should earn them through just as much trial and error. That isn’t really a mentality we are too keen on ourselves. The more other powerful players there are, the more fun the game is for everyone. We hope to see you all on the leaderboards.

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