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What is World of Warcraft Classic?

When looking into buying WoW Classic gold, there is a lot of history about the game that you must consider. WoW Classic, also known as Vanilla WoW, is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game, originally released by Blizzard Entertainment on November 23, 2004. 15 years later on August 26, 2019 Blizzard released the original version of the game that they released back in 2004. This version with no expansions, a level 60 cap, and only the original races is known as WoW Classic.

World of Warcraft Classic requires a monthly subscription, runs on Blizzard Entertainment’s platform, but does not require the purchase of any expansions in order to play. Classic WoW uses the same email address and account as your retail WoW account. There is no need to register a new account. Many private servers such as Light’s Hope and the Elysium Project have attempted to replicate the WoW classic experience, but none come close to the original Vanilla gameplay experience. The Classic World of Warcraft servers are divided between US East, US West, Latin America, Oceania, and European servers.

Along with the level 60 cap, there are currently only 2 raids in WoW classic; Onyxia’s Lair, and Molten Core. Both raids are very difficult and will require players to maximize their stats with potions, food, enchants, and other consumables to be able to defeat the raid bosses. Every one of these items requires good amount of in-game gold. Farming WoW Classic gold can take up a lot of time and in some cases is very difficult. Instead of spending hours and hours farming for gold many players opt to skip the grind and buy WoW gold with real money directly from a gold seller or website.

Farming WoW Classic Gold

WoW Classic gold can be obtained many ways depending on your gameplay style, level, professions, and skill. Players with herbalism or mining can collect resources from nodes scattered throughout the game, while a character with Blacksmithing can use this ore to create weapons and armor. Monsters routinely drop items that are valuable by selling to other players or to NPC vendors. A few of the more common World of Warcraft Classic gold farming strategies are below:

  1. Farming monsters for gold, cloth, and rare items
    Killing monsters is the easiest way to farm Classic gold. All a player must do to farm monsters for gold is run around and kill them over and over in the open world or in a dungeon. Eventually players will get lucky and get a rare item to drop. This is by far the most common gold farming method used by gold sellers. Dire Maul, the newest released dungeon, is one of the favorite dungeons that gold farmers run.

    Most humanoids, undead, or dragonkin monsters will drop a few silver or gold pieces. While they only drop a few silver or gold pieces each, these small amounts quickly add up. These monsters also drop cloth that can be used by tailors to make cloth armor. Low level cloth such as linen cloth is only worth a few silver. As you kill higher level monsters, some of the more expensive cloth such as rune cloth begin to drop which can fetch a great price at the auction house. If you choose to farm animals, instead of getting cloth and gold drops, players may skin the deceased monsters for leather and hides.

    Along with the currency and cloth drops, any monster in-game has a small chance of dropping uncommon, rare, or epic items. Most uncommon (green) items have very little value other than having an enchanter disenchant them. Blue items (rare) or purple items (epic) tend to sell for quite a bit of gold. If a player is lucky and got a Teebu’s Blazing Longsword, Skullflame Shield, or Elemental Mage Staff to drop they would be able to sell it for a large amount of gold to another player through the auction house.

  2. Gathering Ore and Herbs
    Mining and Herbalism are two of the biggest money makers in WoW Classic. Many professions require ore and herbs for their recipes. Since players can only have two professions, some players rely on other players to farm their crafting materials. For example, a player can choose both Blacksmithing and Engineering as their professions, but will need another player to mine the ore needed for the recipes.

    Players with mining or herbalism are able to see special nodes scattered throughout the game. These nodes can be harvested for ore and herbs. As players become more proficient and level up their skills, they will be able to mine and harvest higher level nodes. For example, a level 1 Mining character can only mine copper ore, but as they level up they will be able to mine Iron Ore, Mithril Ore, and Thorium Ore. The same concept applies to Herbalism.

  3. Playing the Auction House
    Another great money-making method is to play the auction house. World of Warcraft has a robust economy that players can use to their advantage to make gold. Item prices will often rise and fall depending on supply and demand just like in real world markets. This economy runs off of the World of Warcraft auction house, where buyers and sellers can search for any item they want. Players can attempt to predict the market in by buying items at a low price and then re-selling them at a higher price. Keep in mind that each server’s economy is divided between the two factions; Horde and Alliance. The Horde and Alliance may not trade with the other faction except on the neutral Auction Houses.

    During the late night and early morning hours, crafting materials tend to be cheaper than during primetime. Players can use this to their advantage by collecting items at a cheap price and crafting materials and then selling them during the prime time rush. While it may be inconvenient, some players log in during the middle of the night to clear the Auction House of items they want at the cheapest price.

    One of the advantages of playing the auction house, is players can do so with a level 1 character. Many players will use a level 1 bank alt so that they don’t have to keep their main parked by the auction house all day. By doing this players save gold by not having to spend money of flight paths to go back and forth from the auction house constantly since you can just log into the character who is already there. It is also a great time saver since players do not have to fly there either.

    The only disadvantage of playing the auction house is that if you are unable to sell your items you may lose gold. The World of Warcraft auction house requires a deposit for each auction listed. If an item does not sell, the auction house does not refund the deposit. When an item in the Auction House sells, the Classic WoW gold is deposited to your mailbox within an hour.

  4. Crafting Items With Professions
    As mentioned above, gathering professions can be a great money maker. The other side of professions are the crafting professions. Crafting professions turn raw materials such as cloth, hides, and ore into weapons and armor. Skills such as enchanting and herbalism create items that increase a player’s stats.

    For example, anyone with the Tailoring profession can either purchase Runecloth from the auction house or farm it themselves. This Runecloth can then be crafted into many different items such as bags and cloth gear. The items crafted can then be sold on the auction house for a profit. The same concept applies to Alchemy. The potions and flasks created by Alchemy are crafted with herbs collected with Herbalism. Players use potions and flasks to make their characters stronger on raids or to provide an emergency heal with a healing potion.

Buying WoW Classic Gold vs Farming

All the different methods of farming WoW Classic gold have one thing in common. They all require a large time commitment. Not all gamers have an entire day to spend killing ogres in a cave to get enough Runecloth to make bags to sell on the Auction House. Many players would rather spend a few dollars on gold to be able to buy the items they need to progress without wasting days farming.

Most World of Warcraft players play the game to do group PvE and PvP content like battlegrounds and raids. Raids require a large amount of gold to be able to participate since you need both potions, food, and gold to repair your items after they are damaged. Grinding for gold is usually a painstakingly long process which many players choose to skip. Players who are accustomed to Battle for Azeroth instead of WoW Classic will notice that gold is much harder to earn in World of Warcraft Classic. One gold piece in classic would be worth nearly 2,000 gold in BFA. This is one of the main reasons players would buy gold from a gold seller instead of farm it themselves.

Safely Buying WoW Classic Gold

Players have many choices when it comes to buying World of Warcraft Classic gold but not every website is the same. Where your gold comes from is paramount to keeping your World of Warcraft account safe. Gold that is obtained through illegal methods such as hacking accounts, phishing, exploiting, or scamming players is monitored by Blizzard. Accounts that acquire this ill-gotten gold tend to be quickly banned regardless of whether or not they were the ones who did the scamming. Because of this, it is imperative that when you buy WoW Classic gold that you make sure you are buying from a legitimate website.

Many Chinese websites may offer very low prices, but their gold can come from less than reputable sources. Due to their low priced World of Warcraft Classic gold, they must pay their suppliers much less meaning that they likely use less than reputable suppliers. Furthermore, most are unable to secure fast delivery on their Classic WoW gold due to their low buying prices.

At Accountwarehouse, we only buy gold from reputable suppliers who legitimately farm their Classic gold in-game. With over 10 years in this industry, we have identified gold sellers and delivery methods that keep your account safe. With all of the knowledge we have gained in these 10 years, we are able to offer cheap WoW Classic gold delivered to you with the safest delivery method. Your WoW account safety and personal information security are our #1 priority. For more information about our use of cookies and protection of your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best online gaming experience possible whether you are looking for the cheapest price on WoW Classic gold or a raid-ready World of Warcraft account. While our website does not use live chat, our support tickets are answered within a few minutes and all of our gold orders are delivered within 30 minutes. We accept many payment methods including Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, Western Union, bank transfers, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, as we are a US company, we cannot accept Skrill payments. If for any reason we are not able to deliver your gold in a timely manner, you can contact us to request a full refund. Give us a chance to be your favorite gold seller.

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