About Us

Accountwarehouse was started almost 10 years ago as an Everquest platinum and account company selling on forums and auction sites. We quickly expanded into World of Warcraft and created our own website to directly serve our customers. Accountwarehouse has the unique distinction of being the only MMO account website that is entirely owned and operated in the United States. We are based out of Lubbock, Texas and have no affiliation with any overseas companies or offices. We are commited to providing top quality service whether you are buying an account from us, having us boost your personal account, or calling it quits and selling your account for the first time.

Being an American company, we are required to follow all US business and privacy laws. This means that when you do business with us, your personal information is 100% safe. Your ID, telephone number, address, or any other personal information provided is never shared with anyone as required by law. No other foreign website will have this obligation.