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What Makes A League of Legends Account or LOL Smurf Account Valuable?

There are many factors that are taken into account when it comes to a League of Legend account’s value.

Rank or ELO is one of the most important factors in an account’s price. Higher ranks such as Diamond, Challenger, and Master greatly increase the value of an account. This allows you to jump right into the game and play with the best of the best without having to spend time grinding up your rank. Runes and rune pages can also be very important.

Champions are another big factor when considering the price of your account. Accounts with most or all champions unlocked sell for a much higher price. When selling your account, please be sure to accurately notate how many champions you have unlocked. The more accurate you are with your account information, the higher we can pay you for your LoL account.

Honor level is another factor in a League of Legend’s account or LOL smurf account price. You gain and lose honor based upon your actions in-game. When you are a good teammate or you are very friendly in-game, other may vote for you and increase your honor level. If your honor level is low, you are likely to receive punishments such as mutes, temporary bans, or longer queue times.

The last factor in account price is skins. Skins in League of Legends can add huge value when selling an account. Rare skins such as PAX Twisted Fate which was only available once can add hundreds of dollars to the price of an account since it is so rare. When selling a League of Legends account please be sure to list any rare skins on your account. While you may think that skins are not important, people are willing to pay top dollar for a League account with rare, unobtainable skins

What Are Smurf Accounts and are unranked smurf accounts a bad thing?

To smurf or not to smurf, that is the question. The unranked smurf conjures different feelings amongst different gamers. Some gamers want an unranked account just so that they can try out new champions. Many higher rank players buy League of Legends smurfs in order to train on a champion type they are not familiar with. By playing games on a LoL smurf account, they can practice without losing their higher rank on their main account.

Unfortunately, unranked accounts sometimes get abused. Some gamers use their unranked smurf to dominate games by destroying low ranked beginner players. Gamers often do this while streaming on Twitch. No matter what type of league account you have, bad behavior in general will be harshly judged and Riot games does have a history of handing out harsh punishments.

While you cannot change some of the specifics of the profile or other account details, a smurf account holds all the benefits of other league accounts. Selling a smurf account to us, should not be an issue.

Generally speaking, accounts are priced by their rank and the amount of champions, honor points, and skins. Quality game accounts can be easily sold to Accountwarehouse Many times we are asked if we provide instant delivery. While we wish that was possible, most account sales are completed within 24 hours. Once your LoL account sale is complete, we send payment to your Paypal account.

Be careful of what marketplace you use to conduct your business. Sites such as Lolfinity are known to sell botted, cracked, or hacked accounts. While it may be possible to sell your account to these sites, be careful when submitting any account information to them.

Take some time and research who you want to sell your League of Legends account to. Your username and game account information are extremely important. Do not give any seller your account details or email access until you have properly verified that they are legit.


When you sell a LoL main account or an unranked smurf account, you probably already know how the game is played. Whether you are using a main account or a LoL smurf, gameplay for this game consists of two opposing teams trying to destroy each other’s base. Each team is evenly matched and consists of three to five team members. The two teams start on opposite sides of a map, near their home “Nexus”. The objective of the game is to destroy the other team's Nexus. While this is the most common way to win, the other team can also surrender by way of a majority vote.

Both teams are connected through three paths, also known as lanes. On the lanes, different sets of tower or “turrets” are place as defensive objects. These turrets attack any enemy team members that come within range. On the contrary, players can use their team’s turrets as a safe place to retreat if things get out of hand.

Players receive experience points and gold by killing minions, towers, or opposing players. As players level up their champion, they gain more attributes and stats along with new abilities. Very powerful items can be purchased with gold. These items enable players to gain distinct advantages over the other team by boosting the champion’s stats. Some items can be converted into more powerful items using vendor recipes.

The highest level a LoL champion can achieve in a match is level 18. Each champion has for unique abilities that they can learn throughout the game. Upon reaching level 6, the champion gets their “Ultimate” which can be a huge game changer.

Riot Points, also known as RP, is the main currency in League of Legends. RP can be used to purchase champions and skins in the Riot shop. RP can be paid for with Paypal, credit cards, or special Riot Games RP cards. When you are selling your account, please be sure to mention how much RP or Riot Points your account contains. Every little detail can help you get a higher quote for your League of Legends account.

Each player has one “champion” that they control. Champions are unlocked by spending RP and are locked to your account. Currently the game includes 145 different champions. Every champion has its own unique abilities and characteristics.

Champions can be labeled with specific attributes that determine their best play style. An example of these attributes are 'tank', 'fighter', 'mage' and 'support'. Sometimes champions can have multiple attributes. These champions can be played several different ways, but some are more useful than others.

In the beginning of each game, all players choose a champion to command for the battle. Players are limited to the champions they have previously unlocked. Keep in mind that fourteen new champions are temporarily unlocked for free each and every week. This allows all players the chance to try out a different set of champions without having to spend Riot Points (RP) or Blue Essence (BE). This is called the free champion rotation.

The number of unlocked champions is an important aspect of your LoL account’s price. When you sell a League account, please accurately list the number of champions owned. If you have most, if not all champions unlocked your account quote will be significantly higher. LoL smurf accounts with few champions or low rank receive much lower quotes. Keep all this in mind when selling your League of Legends account.

Skins are one of the main things you will want to consider when purchasing a League of Legends account. Not all skins are worth the same amount. While a large number of skins can be obtained in the Riot store by spending BE or RP, the rare skins are much more difficult to obtain. For example rare legacy skins such as Black Alistar, UFO Corki, Championship Riven, PAX Twisted Face, PAX Jax, Victorious Jarvan, Victorious Janna, Human Ryze, are no longer able to be obtained. The term legacy skin is used to describe a rare skin that is no longer able to be obtained. These rare skins are no longer available in the shop and cannot be bought, even with RP. Rare skins are also awarded at the end of the season to players who have achieved gold rank or higher. Unfortunately, common skins add very little value to your League of Legends quote.

Accounts without rare skins are often much cheaper than similar ranked League of Legends accounts. These cheap League of Legends accounts make great starter accounts for new players, but unfortunately these League accounts do not get very high appraisals. If your League of Legends account contains any skins you feel are rare, please include them in your quote so that you can sell your account for the best price possible.

Game Modes
League of Legends has three modes of gameplay. Classic game mode consists of three paths on a large map. This game mode has a slow, gradual approach to the League of Legends game. This game mode is commonly associated with the Summoner’s Rift map.

ARAM, also known as "All Random All Mid” is the second game mode. While this game mode is similar to Classic, the map is much smaller and it only has one path or lane.

The newest game mode is Team Fight Tactics or TFT as it is commonly referred as. In this game mode you take control of champions called “little legends”. These little legends are placed around a map and then fight to the death in a real-time, turn-based battle. You get Little Legends from the League of Legends shop with Riot Points. Rare skins are also awarded at the end of the Teamfight Tactics season to players who have achieved gold rank or higher. This is very similar to the rare skins that are handed out at the end of the regular League of Legends season. Having rare skins in both TFT and classic League of Legends greatly increase the value of your LoL account. When you are ready to sell your LoL account, please include any of your TFT information. A highly ranked Teamfight Tactics account allows you to sell your League of Legends account for much higher.


In normal mode, the game will match you with players that have a similar skill level. You are only allowed to play with players of the same region. League of Legends is divided into regions based upon the global geography. Some of the more popular regions are North America (NA), European West (EUW), EU Nordic & East (EUNE), and Oceanic (OCE). It is not possible to play with players in different regions without buying a region transfer. It is also possible to enter an arranged team of players. In this case the arranged team is considered to be more powerful than the individual players. The standard game map is called Summoner’s Rift.

Coops vs AI
In a co-op game, you team up with other players to play against the computer controlled teams or AI. You are generally matched with four other players and play against five computer-controlled, AI players.

Custom game games give you more control over gameplay. These games allow players to set all parameters of gameplay or find an existing custom game to join.

League of Legends offers competitive matches in the way of ranked games. These games are only available to players who have reached level 30. Ranked games have the draft mode champion selection, which bans some champions before everyone picks. There are 4 divisions in each rank lettered with roman numerals. For example Diamond I is higher ranked than Diamond IV.

The ranks in order of worst to best are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger. After you win enough games you go up for promotion. If you win your promotion games you are promoted to the next division. Players also have a hidden MMR which is known as ELO. All ranks at the end of the season at Gold and higher get special victorious skins for being great players. The rewards are permanently unlocked to the player’s profile.

Safely Selling League of Legends Accounts

When you are selling a League of Legends account it is best to be safe and do your research first. Your personal data and game account information are too valuable to risk.

There are many other marketplaces besides Accountwarehouse such as Playerauctions, G2G, and Lolfinity. Websites like Playerauctions and G2G are middlemen, meaning your LoL account is not directly sold to them. Instead, you are selling your game account to random users who may attempt to scam your username and account information. At Accountwarehouse, we are able to offer you a fast, safe account sale without the risk of being scammed.

Our free lifetime warranty also protects you as the seller. We have industry-leading account security protocols that allow us to deliver a hassle-free transaction that helps ensure your personal data remains safe. We thoroughly screen our customers and protect you, the seller, from any false claims. Always consider who you are doing business with when you sell your League account.

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