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What is Path of Exile?

Path of Exile is an action RPG (ARPG) game developed by Grinding Gear Games, also known as GGG. The original Path of Exile release date was on October 23, 2013. The original version of the game was available on PC only. Path of Exile for XBOX was released in August 2017 and on Playstation 4 in March of 2019. The game is free to play and does not require a monthly subscription. The developers rely on the multitude of microtransactions such as stash tabs and skins to bring in revenue.

Path of Exile is very similar to other hack and slash action RPG games of the past such as the Diablo franchise. Combat is third-person, overhead perspective, point and click style. What sets Path of Exile apart from other titles in the genre is the complexity of the game. Path of Exile uses a skill gem based system that resembles the Final Fantasy 7 materia system. Different skill gems are supported by support gems in order to customize very powerful attacks and spells. These gems are socketed in weapons and armor.

What sets Path of Exile apart from any other game is the complex crafting system and currency system. No other game in the market has a more robust crafting system. Rather than using gold to buy items from other players, the main currencies in Path of Exile are the crafting orbs. The most common trading currencies are Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs. While both of these orbs can be used in crafting, most players choose to save them to use as trading currency.

When you create a brand new character, or Exile, you start at level 1 with no PoE items and no skills. As you progress through the game, your character will complete quests, find magic items and unique items, interact with town vendors, and eventually reach the end-game. The end-game of Path of Exile revolves around the atlas. The atlas is the end-game map system that players can progress as they become more powerful. The higher tier maps have increased difficulty but also increased rewards.

Path of Exile Leagues

Path of Exile is divided into several different leagues and divisions. The two main leagues are the ladder league, currently the Blight league, and the standard league. The ladder leagues are temporary, usually lasting about 3 months. When the ladder league is released, a new game mechanic and new items are released along with it. Players must start with a fresh level 1 character and no currency and essentially start from scratch. The appeal of these leagues is the chance to have a fresh start, play a new build, and replay the game with new mechanics included.

The current ladder league is the Blight league, which was released in September 2019. In Path of Exile Blight, players will encounter a new NPC, Sister Cassia. She will allow players to start the Blight encounter which is essentially a version of tower defense. Blight tendrils will spread out from the central pump that players must defend. Waves of monsters will spawn from portals and follow these blight tendrils towards the pump. Players must construct towers and defeat the waves of monsters in order to obtain treasure chests full of currency and items. Blight season also introduced many new skills, new ascendancy choices for Necromancers and Assassins, several new skill gems, new unique items, and a new anointing system for rings and amulets.

The other league in Path of Exile is the standard league. At the end of every ladder league, your characters will move over to the standard league. The standard league is exactly the same as the ladder league, minus the newest content. When a ladder league expires, the new content, mechanics, and items get migrated over to standard and become part of the standard league.

Path of Exile also has both softcore, and hardcore versions of both leagues. In softcore mode, players can die an unlimited number of times. The only drawback to dying is that depending on which stage of the game you are in, your character may lose some experience. In hardcore mode, players only have one life. While hardcore mode on most games means you lose your character forever if they die, in Path of Exile when your hardcore character dies, they become a standard softcore character regardless of whether they were in the ladder league or not. Path of Exile has many mechanics that can kill players with one hit, making hardcore mode only for the most experienced players.

The final league option for Path of Exile is Solo Self Found or SSF. In Solo Self Found, players can choose to either play standard or a ladder league. The only difference is players cannot trade or play with other players. This is essentially Path of Exile single-player even though an internet connection is still required. Solo Self Found requires a deep knowledge of the game and crafting as players will need to create or find every piece of gear.

Path of Exile Trading

PoE has a very complex economy. Most games have auction houses or some method for players to sell their items. Instead, Path of Exile relies on in-game trading chat channels and a few websites such as and the official Path of Exile website. These marketplaces connect to the Path of Exile game via API and lets players list PoE goods directly from their public stash tabs. These website allow Exiles to search for specific configurations of Path of Exile items and trade for them with other players using specific types of orbs.

As the game keeps growing, many players complain that the system is outdated and some sort of auction house system needs to be implemented. The current system requires both the buyer and the seller to both be at their computer and able to conduct a trade. The majority of sellers on the marketplace tend to be AFK or busy farming maps. This can lead to a frustrating experience trying to find a seller that has the PoE items that you and is available to trade. Often times, players are unable to buy the Path of Exile items they want for the lowest price and must settle for a higher price. Many believe that Grinding Gear Games is working on a solution to this problem.

Path of Exile Currency

The in-game currency in Path of Exile is the many crafting orbs that players acquire. Path of exile orbs can be obtained by killing monsters, destroying barrels, and opening treasure chests and strongboxes. The primary end-game activity is running maps, which are indoor dungeons or large outdoor areas each with a final boss at the end.

Path of Exile uses a RNG (random number generator) loot system. This means that finding items or currency is completely luck based. One player can play for 15 minutes and find an exalted orb in their first map, while another player may clear maps all day and not find a single one. Currency items range anywhere from simple scrolls such as Scroll of Wisdom or Portal Scroll, to elusive Essences, to fragments of currency items. Players may also use the vendor recipe system to acquire PoE orbs. Although there are many different vendors in-game, the use of the vendor recipe system is not limited by which vendor you choose. For example, players can trade a common, rare, or magic item with all 3 colors of sockets linked together in exchange for a chromatic orb.

Players can raise their chances of finding rare items or currencies by running more difficult maps, using gear with improved item quantity, adding sextant to their atlas, or grouping with other players to increase the difficulty. Specific end-game bosses such as the Shaper or Elder drop very powerful equipment and unique items. Many players create a Magic-Finding character with the purpose of using items with improved item quantity. These characters farm low level maps very quickly and are the best way to acquire a lot of Path of Exile orbs quickly. On the other hand, many players do not have the time to level up a second character and do not care for running low level content over and over. This is why many choose to simply buy Path of Exile exalted orbs. Accountwarehouse is the best site for cheap Path of Exile currency and cheap Path of Exile exalted orbs.

Path of Exile Orbs

Chromatic Orb
A Chromatic Orb reforges the color of the sockets on an item. The new colors are completely random with a preference based on the item type. For example, strength and armor items are more likely to roll red sockets while energy shield or intelligence items are more likely to roll blue sockets.

Jeweler’s Orb
A Jeweler’s Orb reforges the number of sockets on an item. The number of sockets that the item rerolls is based upon the item size. One-handed weapons and shields may only have three sockets. Helmets, boots, and gloves may each have four sockets. Two-handed weapons, bows, and chest armor may have up to 6 sockets. The number of sockets on an item is completely random with higher numbers being rare.

Orb of Fusing
An Orb of Fusing reforges the links between sockets on an item. Path of Exile skill gems interact with each other based upon the linked sockets. For example, an item may have 4 sockets but unless they are linked together, the skill gems and support gems will not interact. When using an orb of fusing, the links gained are completely random. Players can spend thousands of Orbs of Fusing trying to turn a 6 socket item into 6 linked sockets. Even though there is a low chance of success, some of the most powerful equipment are unique items with 6 linked sockets.

Chaos Orb
A chaos orb completely reforges a rare (yellow) item with new random modifiers. One of the more basic crafting methods in Path of Exile is known as chaos slamming. It involves just spamming chaos orbs on a rare item until you gain the stats that you desire. The rerolls from using Chaos Orbs are completely random and cannot be used on magic items or unique items. Chaos orbs are also one of the primary trading currencies in Path of Exile. Many items on trading websites such as are prices in chaos orbs.

Exalted Orb
An Exalted Orb enchants a rare item with a new, random modifier. When an item has an open prefix or suffix slot, an Exalted Orb can be used to add a new stat. The mods gained from Exalted Orbs are completely random. Exalted Orbs are also used in some of the more powerful crafting recipes found in the crafting bench. These exalted orbs are one of the rarest drops in the game. Due to their many uses and rarity, many of the higher end items on trading websites like are priced in Exalted Orbs. PoE players usually save these rare orbs as currency rather than a crafting item due to the large role they play in the in-game economy.

Mirror of Kalandra
A Mirror of Kalandra creates a mirrored copy of an item. This is an extremely rare item that most players will never find and can be worth hundreds of dollars or Exalted Orbs. By using a Mirror of Kalandra on a rare item, you create an exact copy of the item. Due to the rarity of Mirror of Kalandra, it is recommended to only use one on the absolute rarest items in the game. No players should waste a mirror on a simple common or magic item.

The Delve league introduced 25 fossils into the game. Fossils are rare crafting materials that can be found in the Delve mines. Different combinations of fossils must be socketed into resonators in order to craft powerful items. The fossil crafting system is similar to Essences released in previous leagues. The primary difference is that fossils highly incentivize certain stats while Essences guarantee them. Delve fossils allow players to craft items with Delve-only mods. For example, one of the most common fossil crafts involves using a Pristine Fossil and Serrated Fossil on an Elder base chest in order to roll a high life, level 1 Maim chest. There are hundreds of different fossil combinations that make up some of the most powerful items in the game.

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