Account Shield

Account Shield Policy

What is Account Shield?

Account Shield is an extended warranty that can be purchased in addition to the Lifetime Warranty which comes with every account sold on Accountwarehouse.  Account Shield entitles you to a full refund in the event that your account is recovered by the original owner, regardless of the time frame.  

Terms and Conditions

Account Shield must be added to your purchase when you originally checkout or within 48 hours of your original purchase.  Once 48 hours have passed, your account is no longer eligible for Account Shield.  If you purchase an account on a payment plan, Account Shield must be added when you make your first payment.

Account Shield only covers recoveries by the original owner.  Account compromises, locks, bans, mutes, or any other sort of account discipline is not covered.

The account covered by Account Shield must remain on the email that we provide you.  Changing this email, or deleting emails sent to this email will result in Account Shield being voided.

Any claim must be filed through our Support Center.  Your claim will need to be fully investigated by a member of our management team.  This process can take up to 72 hours to complete.

If an account is recovered by the original owner and is promptly returned to you, no refund will be given.  Mistakes commonly happen between the original owner and the game publisher.  If the account is recovered a second time after the original claim, then Account Shield will be cover you.

Account Shield is non-transferable. Any attempt at selling, trading, or sharing of the account outside of our website will void the warranty.

Account Shield only covers the original purchase price of your account.  It does not cover any added value, digital currency, or in-game purchases.

If your original payment is disputed through Paypal or your bank, Account Shield will be voided.

If your Account Shield claim is approved, you are entitled to a full refund of the purchase price of the account.  Account Shield is not refunded.

o Example:  You purchase an account for $100 and Account Shield for $15.  Two years later the account is recovered.  You will be given a $100 refund.

If your Account Shield claim occurs within 180 days of your original purchase, the refund will be processed through your original payment method.  If the claim occurs after 180 days, you will be given a choice of refund methods. These choices include Paypal, bank wire, corporate check, Venmo, or Zelle.  Accountwarehouse does not cover any fees associated with these payment methods.

If you purchased an account prior to December 1, 2018 you are still eligible to purchase Account Shield.  Please contact us through our support center for a quote.  The account will need to be in good standing and still on our email in order to be eligible.

In the unlikely event that a game shuts down or ceases to exist, Account Shield will be voided.