Clash of Clans Strategy

Clash of Clans, it’s right there in the name, the whole concept. As easy as this sounds, new players that buy Clash of Clans accounts may not fully understand the complicated mechanics needed to thrive at this game. You need to defend yourself against the attempted attacks of other clans all while mounting your own forces to take what isn’t yours from others who need to be strong enough to hold onto it. It’s simple in theory, but the sheer variety of possible strategies make it much more complicated in practice. Still, there are some strats that measure above the rest and we thought we would use our keen insight to narrow those down for all the CoC fans out there. You can be someone looking for tips or a veteran who wants to hear our assessment of the current meta, we won’t judge.

            Let’s start with the best offensive tactics in Clash of Clans. You’ll be spending the majority of your time playing doing some version of these techniques, but few players will have gotten the method down to a science. That’s why we wanted to break down the logistics of several popular strategies, so they can be used by anyone with the resources and the battlefield sensibility to implement them. Or you could just throw all your strongest units at your opponent, have fun the way you want it’s your game.

            First, we will talk about one of the oldest and most reliable strategies in Clash of Clans, the LavaLoon. LavaLoon’s premise is simple, Lava hounds pull the attention of the air defenses while the balloons destroy everything else. The genius of the plan is both in its simplicity as well as its careful execution.

             There are several key moves that have to be done right in order to properly pull off LavaLoon. Firstly, you need to make sure to take care of the clan castle and the Archer Queen as they can prove devastating to this plan. Next, you need to decide which side to attack and to make sure to hit the full side and not at a corner. Attacking the corner will cause your balloon units to bunch up and be more easily destroyed. Next, you’ll want to hit the opposing clan’s air defenses with a combination of lightning and earthquake spells. After that will be a staggered release of your troops, first the lava hounds to draw enemy fire, then the balloons so they can enter safely. Once they care of business, there is nothing left to do but clean up and go home.

            We talked about an old favorite, but how but an attack plan that is a little more contemporary. We are talking about the Queen Charge and Hog Rider strategy. A Queen Charge is when you use a wall breaker and queen walk to get your queen as deep into enemy territory as possible. After you’ve created an opening you then send in the massive amount of hog riders you brought with you, then follow their path closely so you can support them with healing spells. If everything goes according to plan then all you will have to worry about after that is the clean-up.

            So we talked about what makes for good attack strategies, but what about defending? You can’t do too much in terms of active defense considering how the game works, but you can take lots of precautions in terms of how your base is laid out.

            Firstly, you are going to want to make yourself look like an unappealing target. You want to make your wealth generators diversified in placement and type so that anyone looking for a particular type of loot doesn’t see you as a prime target. You will also want to invest in upgrading your walls, not just for defensive purposes but also to shield the specific defenses of your base from other players that might be considering an attack. Upgraded walls make it harder to see the details of your base and make an attack a more risky prospect.

            The second thing you need to consider is your building placement. Many Clash of Clans players know how important this is but still make several common errors. For starters, many players are keen on upgrading their defenses as often as possible, but in reality upgrading, many different defenses at the same time is a major drawback. Defenses can’t attack while being upgraded, so it’s best to invest in upgrades one at a time, to keep your defenses up. The last important consideration to make for building place is turret range. Your turret should be capable of defending buildings of equivalent worth to its cost to place it. You need to make sure that you make your turret investments wisely.

            So that is all the ways you shouldn’t build your base, but then how should you? The technique is called a Bulkhead Base, named for the technique that large ships use to prevent them from sinking. The method involves using the walls to compartmentalize the different types of defenses into squares with walls. That way when enemy units, such as giants, breach the walls then they are still sectioned off from the others and still vulnerable to those attacks. Much like with a ship, the bulkheads will keep the other compartments from flooding. In this case, though its enemies are being stemmed instead of water.

            Those are some of the best offensive and defensive strategies in Clash of Clans. They are far from the only ones, but they are some of the most tried and true that we have seen with the most consistent results. There might be easier ways to get yourself one or two stars in a raid, but the commitment to tested and true strategies will not only guarantee superior results but consistent ones. The same goes for committing to a superior defense tactic. It may take a bit more time to meticulously place each building and to only upgrade one defensive structure at a time, but patience yields much greater rewards than trying to maximize building production ever could. The trick is practicing it. 

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