Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide

            Final Fantasy XIV has been fostering a community of play that has been touted as one of the best MMOs to date. Not only are the core gameplay and narrative known for being amazing, but those are just the basis for all the good in FFXIV. The game’s core isn’t all that it has to offer though, it’s full of amazing additional content such as mini-games and developing your dream house (if you can find real estate).

            One of the things that we players love about FFXIV is all the diverse and interesting mounts in the game. This is especially noticeable in FFXIV accounts for sale, where the highest priced accounts usually have a high number of mounts.  And many of the special mounts are very hard to obtain for a variety of reasons. So what do you have to do to get some of the best mounts in the game? Well, if the rarest mounts in the game were easy to obtain they would certainly not be the rarest mounts. Still, they have to be possible to obtain and we are going to detail exactly how possible.

            Where to even begin? What about a mount that can take years of dedicated gameplay to acquire? The Centurio Tiger requires 3000 A rank hunts and 2000 S rank hunts. Not only does this require tons of time but the S rank hunts are some of the rarest in the game and you have to get the timing right. These may not be the rarest mount but it is considered one of the hardest to obtain.

            In the same realm of Centurio Tiger is the Forgiven Reticence, if arguably more intimidating. You have to do tons of hunts to unlock this mount too, on top of collecting 3200 sacks of nuts. It is possibly less time-consuming than CT but it is definitely still an endeavor for your average player.

            Next up we have the Parade Chocobo. This is another mount that is hard to obtain even through time, energy, and grit. The key to this chubby and adorable mount is to accrue three thousand commendations in dungeons from other players. Where getting just one commendation can prove to be a real challenge a player has to found a way to accrue 3000 of them in total. The sheer time and consideration this would take. Not to mention, in order to prevent cheating you cannot receive commendations from people on your friends’ list, so conspiring to cheat the system for this mount is very difficult.

            Next up we have the Sabotender Emperador. This mount costs a total of two million MGP, obtainable at the Golden Saucer. Most players can achieve no more than 10000MGP in a day and that is if they are really lucky. So you are talking more than 200 days of dedicating your time solely to trying to acquire one of the most bombastic mounts in the game. Basically, this mount is a testament to your luck and dedication to the rest of the Final Fantasy world.

            Next, we have the Amaro. A flying Chocobo of deep dark coloring, the Amaro looks amazing. Why is it so rare? Well, to gain this mount from the Shadowbringers expansion you need to hit level 80 in every combat class. Every. Single. Class. Thats from Astrologin to Paladin and every color of mage (sans Blue) and over 1200 combined levels of gameplay. That is a lot of XP for just one mount, but chances are if you got that far that you love for the game goes beyond that and the Amaro is just the icing on the cake.

            Next, we have Asterope, a rare two-seated mount. Also, aside from the two seats, they are a freaking flying unicorn. They have a lot of impressive traits is all we are saying. To start, you can only obtain Asterope if you are a mentor. After qualifying to become a mentor you have to obtain access to the Mentor Roulette. Then you must use the Roulette to complete 2000 duties. There is a lot of dedication required to obtain that mount, but once you do, other players will know you are someone who is more than willing to lend a helping hand to a lower-level player in need.

            None of these mounts sound difficult enough for you? Well, you could set your sights on the triceratops. Two separate achievements are required to get yourself a dino to ride-o. First, you need to slay 2000 rank A elite marks in Norvrandt and then you need to slay 1000 rank S elite marks in Novrandt. That’s essentially like Centerio Tiger except for arguably way harder because the marks are going to be an ever-higher level than the hunts.

            Before we get to what we think is the most difficult mount to obtain, we have some honorable mentions. You have the tank mounts that require you to succeed in so many dungeons while operating as the tank and doing so very successfully. You also have Morbol which requires more than one tricky achievement earned by a party of all blue mages. The last honorable mention is the PVP war steeds, which in order to obtain them all you need to win 300 PVP instances, 100 with each Grand Company.

            This last mount we want to talk about is one of the hardest to get in the whole game and that is with a combination of skill and dedication. The Pteranodon is owned by less than one percent of the total players in the game and that is because it has little to compare it to in terms of sheer dedication. The Centurio Tiger may be harder due to random chance but nothing beats to the Pteranodon in terms of grind. To obtain this flying-dino mount you need to obtain 500K points in every crafting and gather class. That’s 500K times eleven or 5.5 million total points in order to obtain just one mount.

            Those are some of the rarest and hardest-to-obtain mounts in all of FFXIV. These are some awesome-looking mounts that you can show off for their own coolness but also so that other players know how dedicated you are to your Final Fantasy character.

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