Genshin Impact Weapon Guide

            Genshin Impact is one of the first gacha style games to make it big off of the mobile scene and players are loving the massive world to explore and the interesting and experimental combat. Some people are still taking a bit to get accustomed to the gacha style draw/progression system which is fair. It is a system typically reserved for mobile games. Genshin impact follows a trend amongst gacha games where both characters and equipment are pulled, meaning a lot of your performance can be up to the luck of the draw. Characters will have a much bigger impact in general, but equipment matters, especially making sure that your best equipment ends up in the hands of the right character.

            That being said, you still have to make the best of what you do have. That means understanding what equipment is the best to utilize with your four-person team. When someone decides to buy Genshin Impactaccounts from an online broker like Accountwarehouse, they may not know how to utilize their weapons in the most efficient way possible.We are going to break down the very best weapon in each category, so if you are lucky enough to pull it then you’ll know how to make the most of it.

            Small disclaimer, all of these weapons can be leveled up and ascended, for sake of simplicity and explanation, we will be discussing the weapons base stats. These stats we still feel are exemplary and will only grow with your investment in them.

            Let’s start with the choice weapon of the protagonist, the sword. There is a wide range of top-notch swords in Genshin Impact, including a few you might receive as registration gifts. The very best sword in the game is the Aquila Favonia. Aquila Favonia boosts your physical damage by 9%, which would normally be secondary compared to weapons that boost elemental damage, but it becomes important later. This five star ranked sword also gives a flat buff of 20% to your attack. These two buffs combined contribute to Aquila Favonia’s most powerful ability. Once every 15 seconds, when the wielder takes damage, the sword will release an aura that will heal its user for 100% of their attack stat and deals a devastating 200% of the attack stat as area of effect (or AoE) damage. Any weapon that can heal you while destroying your attackers is a force to reckoned with.

            The next weapon category we are going to talk about is the claymore. The most powerful claymore in the game is the 5 star rated Wolf’s Gravestone. Its stacked combined abilities give its wielder an attack buff of 30.8%. That's a boost of almost a third on the highest damage dealing weapon type. In addition to that, when this weapon strikes an enemy whose health is lower than 30%, Wolf’s Gravestone buffs the whole party with a 40% attack boost that lasts 12 seconds. Even if this effect can only occur once every 30 seconds, it’s still one of the most powerful weapon abilities in Genshin Impact.

            The spear category sees the most balance between speed and power and the 5 star legendary Skyward Spine. The Skyward Spine increases the wielder’s energy recharge and critical attack rate by 8% and attack speed by 12%. While these are all really strong buffs, they pale in comparison to Skyward Spine’s primary ability. With each attack from this weapon, there is a 50% chance to inflict an AoE attack at 40% of the wielders attack stat. And while 40% of AoE attack isn’t necessarily the strongest bonus on a weapon, the 50% chance of it occurring really raises its value. Additionally, the cool-down for this ability is only two seconds. Combine this with the attack stat boost on Skyward Spine already and you have an absolutely unstoppable weapon.

            Speaking of weapons where speed is an essential stat, we are going to look at the best bow in Genshin Impact. The Stringless, our choice for the best bow in the game, is actually the lowest-rated rarity weapon among our choices in this article, coming in at only 4 stars. And while its ability is simple in comparison to the others, it doesn’t mean it isn’t lethally effective. The Stringless increases damage of all of your elemental abilities by 24% in addition to raising your elemental mastery stat. The elemental mastery stat affects how much elemental status effects deal to your enemies, making the combination of these buffs one of the best stacking effects in the game. This will be extra effective with characters that you frequently switch out in order to combine elemental effects, maximizing your damage output.

            Our final category of weapons is the catalyst, the weapon of choice of the mages of the world of Genshin Impact. The very best weapon in this category is the Skyward Atlas. This catalyst boosts elemental damage by 12% and flat attack by 7.2%, making it already really deadly. But, like the other five star weapons on this list, the Skyward Atlas has an additional powerful ability. With each attack, there is a 50% chance that a second attack will generate. This second attack will seek out another enemy and strike them for 160% of the wielder’s attack stat. While this ability can only occur once every 30 seconds, it is powerful, effective, and stacks well with the stats that are attached to this weapon. That 160% bonus attack does grow from the 7,2% attached to the Skyward Atlas, after all. 

            All of these weapons are very powerful on their own, there is no dispute about this. The important thing is to make sure to use them as effectively as possible. Stacking different buffs will exponentially increase the effectiveness of the characters you manage to unlock. There is nothing wrong with wanting to invest money in your Genshin Impact play through, but know that it is not essential. Playing craftily and creatively means that you can make the best of the equipment and characters you have. While the gameplay may prove to be more challenging as a result, it will be that much more satisfying when you are able to pull off a clinch victory with a less than optimal team.

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