Grand Theft Auto Online Vehicle Guide

            GTA V online has a surprisingly self-sustaining presence within the play community. Many people like to make their own fun with the content they have access to. And who can blame them? With all the cool stuff at the disposable of the creators and modders. One of the most common types of mods involve racing and stunt car challenges. These challenges are made even more interesting by the amazing diversity of vehicles there is access to. But what sort of vehicles are the best to play within GTA V online?  New players that buy GTA V accounts may not know this information but we are here to help.

            There are two major categories of cars in GTA V are the supercars and utility cars. The supercars are built for speed, maneuvering, and performance. You know, all the things you would typically expect from a car. The utility cars sound straight forward but with the lightly absurd nature of GTA can mean some interesting things contextually. Utility cars essentially mean it might do anything you wouldn’t expect the car to do and sometimes they do it well.

            Let’s start by talking about the supercars and which of them stand out amongst the crowd. We begin by raising the bar pretty high with the Truffade Thrax. The Thrax has more than decent stats, with more than decent handling and brakes. The Thrax doesn’t stand amongst the greats when it comes to acceleration, but it isn’t lagging behind by much. With the Truffade Thrax’s hefty price tag of more than 2.3 million dollars, we would hope that it does a little better than pretty good.

            Up next at a similar price point is the Ocelot XA-21. The Ocelot is top tier in speed, handling, and performance and usually ends up in many top GTA vehicle lists. The only place that the Ocelot isn’t one of the best in its field are its brakes, but the other sectors of its performance more than compensate for its weaknesses.

            The last supercar we thought was worth noting is also the most expensive in the game at its release, priced at 3.5 million dollars, the Progen PR4. The PR4 is heavily inspired by the formula 1 racing league and has all the benefits and drawbacks as such. The PR4 does not have the top speed but it has completely unmatched when it comes to acceleration and handling. The PR4 does have an amazing added benefit of the built-in nitro boost that charges as you race around the fast and disastrous world of Los Santos. The PR4 does have one major drawback though, it’s extremely lightweight. While this does help with its ability to gain speed, it does mean that the slightest obstacle will send you flying, and then you will crush like an aluminum can on impact. Just don’t hit anything while you are nitro boosting and you’ll be fine. Probably.

            But what if your goal isn’t to go absurdly, dangerously fast? Well, don’t worry because the vehicle selection in GTA 5 Online is diverse enough to help you tackle some surprisingly atypical situations.

            Consider the Ramp Buggy for instance. It is the perfect assault vehicle for any terrain. Some players are skeptical with the Ramp Buggy’s potential for bringing the hurt, it has technically no weapons at its disposal after all. But the RB isn’t measured by its ability to shoot other cars out of the way, but to simply drive through any blockage like it was never there to begin with. The Ramp Buggy, named appropriately, just pushes cars over top of it as it burns on past. Great if you are tired of having to stop ever, essentially.

            Next up we have the Toreador. The Toreador, for all intents and purposes, works the same as any other car in GTA V. Its stats are fine, certainly not up to snuff to its 3.6 million dollar price tag. So what makes this one of the better cars to buy in the online play. This car can just drive underwater. The Toreador can simply convert into a submarine when entering the water and can allow you to move seamlessly from one form of locomotion to the other. Great for just general gaming entertainment, but also nice to have for hyper-specialized missions that may require a bit of versatile driving, if you know what we mean. Versatile, as in the ability to drive in water, that’s what we mean.

            Last, but certainly not least, we have the Deluxo. The Deluxo, a clear homage to the Delorian of Back to the Future fame, has a price point of 4.7 million dollars. Let us be very clear in stating that it absolutely earns its value and then some. See, the Deluxo is the only game in all of GTA V that can fly. You heard that right, fly. It also comes with a very handle missile launcher, but the flying thing is really what we want to focus on. Like, the flying is cool all on its own, don’t get us wrong, but this is far from simply being an enjoyable gimmick. It can simply blow past mission obstacles by sailing over them. Not to mention that evading the police and reducing your level of wanted is now easier than ever when you can fly and they can’t. Some caution should be used when the cops have started using aerial defenses against you, but hey, if that isn’t what the missile launcher is for then I don’t know what is.

            And there you have all the best vehicles to get your hands on in GTA V online. Some of these have practical applications that help you bypass difficult obstacles, and some of them are just plain fun to cause damage with. Whichever way you like to play, GTA V online has a car on its lot that will appeal to you. Don’t see your favorite here? Don’t take it too personally. We did have to narrow it down from a list of 695 vehicles, so there were a lot of great cars that didn’t make the cut.

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