How to Obtain a Fire Cape in OSRS

One of the most important choices a player has to make is their equipment loadout. Early on you follow a general progression of value, but later, as the special equipment and quest rewards start to stack up, you have to understand the build you are going for and what equipment will best complement that. That isn’t so simple, though. You then reach the hill of “benefit v. cost” to surmount. How much of a benefit will the item give compared to the effort you have to put into obtaining it. That is where we come to the fire cape.

            The Fire Cape, with all things taken into consideration, is the second-best cape when it comes to melee buffs. But second-best doesn’t mean it isn’t number one in the go-to build kit for melee players. Why would the second-best cape be preferred to the first? The answer to that easy. For the slight jump in stats, the number one cape, the inferno cape, is much harder to obtain. This makes the fire cape much more accessible to builds and much more common in equipment sets, at least until the player is strong enough to make an attempt at winning the inferno cape. Frankly, we can’t blame players who get comfy with their fire capes instead.  For those players who are unable to obtain a firecape on their own, Accountwarehouse has many OSRS accounts with fire cape for sale.

            So how does one go about getting their hands on a fire cape anyway? Well, it easier than trying to obtain an inferno cape, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. In order to get your own fire cape, you need to defeat TzTok-Jad, the main boss of the TzHaar fight mini-game. He is one of the toughest bosses that Old School Runescape has to offer, with some brutal damage output as well as the ability to generate minions that hurt you and heal them. To obtain this cape you specifically need to walk away from the fight. While the boss tracker will count the kill if you die at the same time as Jad, the quest tracker will not, and the game will not award you with the cape unless you exit the cave post-fight.

            Besides being one of the strongest capes in the game, the Fire Cape has some fun additional bonuses that many other capes lack. For one, this cape gives you access to more of Mor Ul Rek. Showing the cape to get past the guards to enter the rest of the city does not consume it though. On the other hand, you do need to sacrifice one fire cape in order to enter the inferno and face the mini-game that unlocks the inferno cape. A steep price to pay, to be sure, but also the key to obtaining the number one cape in the game. Again, all things considered, we don’t blame people for sticking with the number two. Especially because they had to fight so hard to get it in the first place.

            Another benefit of the fire cape is its ability to be combined with the Trouver parchment. The Trouver parchment is a magic scroll that can be used to lock an item. Locked items will not be lost or damaged when you are fighting in the wilderness and essentially safeguards the item against being lost in any way. The Trouver parchment can only be used on specific items and, luckily enough, the fire cape is one of them.

            A secondary benefit of the fire cape is that it can be combined with the max cape to create the fire max cape. This provides no mechanical benefits, having the same impressive stats as the base fire cape, but takes on the aesthetic appearance of the max cape. This is purely a preference choice based on looks, but the fire max cape is much more ornate than the base fire cape, we don’t blame people for considering it an upgrade.

            An additional secondary benefit of the fire cape is that it is a piece of equipment that can also double as a decoration for your player home. The player can mount the fire cape on a cape hanger in the achievement hall in their home. This provides no benefit other than being able to show other players that you had bested the Fight Cave and lived to tell the tale, but that might be worth not getting to utilize the mechanical benefits to some players and we aren’t judging.

            Continuing the argument for glory over mechanics another reason players might covet their fire cape is the rare honor of it being 1 of 4 capes in the entire game with an animated motion built into its design. While the only other capes that have this label is are ones equal or better than the fire cape. But MMORPG players are often just invested in the rarity and appearance of items, so a glowing fire cape definitely has appeal outside of its pure mechanical prowess.

            Interestingly enough, one of the game’s longer-lasting bugs involves the fire capes animation covering the other items in your inventory screen. This bug is a little more than annoying or amusing, but we found it more of the latter. Something about every item in the player inventory being on fire warms a special place in our hearts, no pun intended.

            The fire cape, second-best on the stat sheet but first in the hearts of dire hard OSRS players. Jar may have been top dog in his hay day but now perhaps the nostalgia of one of the hardest bosses OSRS had to throw at us makes the fire cape that much more nostalgic compared to the grueling ordeal to obtain its more famous cousin. Who knows, maybe we will look back on the inferno cape and its related challenge with nostalgic fondness in the future when comparing it to the ordeals the mod team will put us through in the future. Only time will tell. Well, no, the game needs to get harder to keep people playing so yeah it’s going to happen, but an ambiguous ending sounds better if you’re wistful about it. 

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