How To Obtain Barrows Gloves in OSRS


Hey there Old School Runescape fans, we’re talking about one of the most sought-after items in all of OSRS: The Barrows Gloves. The Barrows Gloves are one pair of the Culinaromancer's gloves and are tied to those related quests. They are also some of the strongest equipment in all of Runescape and on many players’ list of essentials when it comes to an effective equipment set. If you are unlucky you might not have had the chance to get your hands on, or in, these gloves and might not know much about them. Fear not, my friends, for I am about to clarify the how, why, and what of the Barrow Gloves.

            Let’s start with what makes these gloves so desirable. Like with many coveted prizes in OSRS, this comes down to stats. The Barrow Gloves provide the highest ranged combat bonus of any gloves in the game. It isn’t mechanically rare for a piece of equipment to be the best in any field, but the Barrow Gloves continue to set themselves apart in a couple of other ways too. These gloves have the second-highest strength bonus in the game, behind the ferocious gloves. Additionally, they have the second-highest magic bonus, bested only by the tormented bracelet. The only downside the Barrow Gloves have to their stats is that they provide absolutely no bonus to prayer. A small price to pay, we would think, considering everything you get in return.

            But now you’re asking how do you obtain these gloves. First, we will give you the bad news. There is no way to smith the Barrows Gloves. In fact, there is only one specific way to obtain these amazing handwear, and that is via the Recipe for Disaster quest. Via that quest, you can unlock the Culinaromancer’s chest and be able to purchase armor from the sub-type. From this chest, you can purchase the Barrows Gloves for 120,000 gold.

            Backtracking a bit, before you have to worry about the cost you need to unlock the chest where the gloves can be purchased by completing a quest. Specifically the Recipe for Disaster quest. Recipe for Disaster is the 100th quest ever released by Jagex and meant to be a truly monumental question. Makes sense if one of the rewards you get access to is one of the best pieces of equipment in the game.

            What does the Recipe for Disaster quest require the player to do? Well, that is a surprisingly complicated question. The quest difficulty ranges from very easy to very hard and involves the player free eight dinner guests imprisoned by a combination of time and food magic. The explanation on that is a bit complicated, and we already recommend playing the quest as it’s one of the best in OSRS.

            So how do we free these guests? You must feed each of them their favorite food, the ingredients of each dish obtained in various complex and difficult ways amounting to 8 sub-quests within the primary quest. The entirety of Recipe for Disaster can end up taking a lot of time on this quest alone for the simple reason that it has a lot of individual parts that need to be completed.

             Once you have managed to free the guests the original quest still isn’t complete. There is still the Barrow Gloves namesake, the Culinaromancer to defeat. The Culinaromancer will retreat to another dimension where you must follow and then defeat 5 other bosses before facing off against the Culinaromancer. The bad news is that within the other dimension you cannot use any prayer abilities. The good news is that you can leave between boss fights and recover what you need to before the next one. Which is good, since these will be some tough fights.

            Each of the pre-bosses is a boss from earlier in the game but now leveled and buffed. The first boss is Agrith-Na-Na, a buffed Agrith-Naar. The second boss is Flambeed, a stronger form of Fareed. Take note that you will need the ice gloves to defeat him or your weapon won’t stay in your hands. Third up is Karamel, or as they are better known Kamil, who will try and defeat you by lowering your stats. Fourth up we have Dessourt, a stronger Dessous, who should be attacked with magic. Last in the pre-finale is Gelatinnoth Mother, a form of  Dagannoth Mother. It is important to keep in mind you will specifically need fire, air, water, and earth runes in order to strike at this monster.

            And then nothing more stands in your way between you and the entity that has brought all this chaos to your life. All in all the fight with the Culinaromancer is pretty straightforward. It’s the journey,  not the destination, that really going to get you with this one.

            Complete all of that and you can now buy the Barrows Gloves from the Culinaromancer’s chest. 120K is a pretty steep price to pay, even for some of the best gloves in the whole game, not to mention that it’s a quest “reward” that you get to pay for. You can get a decent chunk knocked off that price, though it isn’t worth it for the Barrow Gloves specifically.

            If you clear the Lumbridge & Draynor Diary, a task set with various challenges set around Lumbridge and Draynor, you will unlock a wide array of buffs and rewards, included among them is a 20% discount when making purchases from the Culinaromance’s chest, reducing the price of the gloves to 106K. Not a ton cheaper, but not the greatest insult to injury is that to obtain this discount you need to purchase the Barrow gloves as one of the prerequisites for completing the Lumbridge and Draynor Diary.  So yeah, that’s a thing.

            Still, we can gripe as much as we want but we can’t deny how essential these gloves are to crafting a potent build. So we can complain all we want, but we are still going to. And you probably should too, if you want to stay competitive. Plus, in a way, isn’t the quest itself its own reward? Well, it’s going to have to be if you don’t want to pay for your actual reward.  For those that don’t wish to go through the long quest chain, OSRS accounts with Barrowgloves are readily available on our site.



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