League of Legends: What’s Happening With The Marksman?


            Accountwarehouse is the premier website to purchase League of Legends accounts from, but sometimes players may not understand their full role in-game.  Furthermore, players who buy League of Legends boosting may be behind the skill curve in their new division. For example, the Marksman role, sometimes referred to by its older terms as an ADC (Attack Damage Carry), is one of the key roles in League of Legends play. This is the role that is a ranged hero who is focused on developing their high damage auto-attack. Heroes in this role are focused on the bottom lane and need to have a tank that can draw attention away from them since their build’s focus on damage means much lower health and defense. The carry aspect of the Marksman comes into play when their damage output becomes so high in late game that they can decide the outcome of a match.

            Who should be playing this type of build? This is certainly one for players with enough experience to understand not only the necessary components of their build but timing and strategy as well. These are fragile heroes that need to coordinate and communicate with their team. If the player isn’t able to fill the needs of the role, that can easily cost the rest of the team of the match. So we don’t recommend attempting this role unless you are very comfortable and familiar with LoL or have very patient and forgiving teammates.

            The problem that people are currently facing is that teams have to accept less experienced Marksman to fill their team roles. The Marksman role has been made incredibly inefficient within the meta of the game due to several recent updates. So experienced solo-queue players have been moving away from the Marksman role to fill other roles where they can be more helpful and effective. So, other players, ones who might not be as sure of how to win, are left to fill the niche.

            But what happened to the meta that reduced the integral role of the Marksman so much that it can no longer carry the game? It comes down to a couple of key changes. In patch 9.23 the XP distribution changed. While solo-laners get 100% of the minion wave XP and level up 2% faster, where duos in the bottom lane get 75% of the XP from a wave. This may seem like a small amount but adds up pretty quickly. This alone puts a decent dent in key Marksman role strategy but that wasn’t the only change made. In patch 10.8 the first 6 solo kills will be granted a bonus 20% XP and the assist kill will be granted 20% less XP. The early game for the Marksman role is important for getting the XP and gold they need to become the carry later on. If the best they can do is barely keep up, then players are going to be really discouraged from taking on these roles, leaving players better suited for other roles to fill a necessary niche.

            So we thought we would give some helpful tips on how to 1) play the Marksman in general and 2) do your best to compensate for the issues that occur due to the changes in the meta. This is not an insurmountable problem and it isn’t forever. Riot has already expressed awareness at the reduced usefulness of the Marksman role and they plan to address it. So, for the time being, you can sit tight and wait it out or you can take some helpful advice and make the best of a bad situation. We recommend the latter since we always think its better to keep playing.

            To start, some basic Marksman tips for players who are finding themselves needing to fill the role or who just want to try it out now that theirs a little bit of leeway. The first tip, in early game no matter what do not attempt to push. A Marksman is a long game role and you need to bide your time and make careful decisions. Pushing early will only give the other team an advantage to exploit. Next, killing minions might seem below you but it is integral to the Marksman strategy. Those kills are XP and gold that are essential to you reaching your full potential, don’t let them slip through.

            To follow up all that, the most important thing you can remember is that the opposing team will always be trying very hard to kill you. You are a heavy hitter with almost no health and they know it. They want you dead and fast. You need to rely on and communicate with your teammates to ensure you have the proper protection. Survival is your ultimate goal, though, so if you find yourself in a 1v2 or 1v3 scenario you need to do everything you can to stay alive. Even simple things like moving to the far side of the lane can mitigate flanking. It’s a small thing, but it can make or break a match up.

            Lastly, how do you deal with the recent meta-issues? You may not like to hear it but you are essentially going to have to work twice as hard to keep up, but the good news is that it is possible. To start, learning to farm properly is extremely important. Maximize your gold harvesting, you are going to need the best equipment to make up for the XP dip. Communication is more essential than ever. With the solo XP buffs, your teammates will forget to check up on you in that bottom lane, so a quick message or ping now and then will help keep your butt out of the frying pan. Lastly, you need to play it extra safe and extra cautious. Even if a maneuver seems like a minor risk, it isn’t worth what you have to lose in the current meta. Keep close to your teammates and don’t chase after that kill, it isn’t worth it.

            While it takes a lot to survive as a Marksman in the current LoL, players know that the game is constantly changing, and the tide will turn again. So sharpen your skills and get good, and the day that patch comes is the day your enemies will rue.  Regardless of the changes to the game, skilled players will always find a way to gain an advantage over their enemies.  Many high rank players may choose to buy LoL smurf accounts to hone their skills without risking their rankings on their main account.  If these changes are enough for you to quit the game, sellingyour League of Legends account is always an option too.

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