League of Legends Season 11 Begins

            Season 11 of League of Legends kicked off just a few days ago and it’s already ramping up to be an exciting one. A new powerful hero with three more guaranteed in the works for this coming season is just the start. Season 11 also has delivered a whopping 22 new mythic items for players to dominate with. This is shaping up to be a game-defining year for League of Legends and we know you are excited to be along for the ride. The excitement for this season has carried on into the online gaming accounts market, as players are looking to buy and sell League of Legends accounts to get in on the action.

            To start us off let’s talk about the big news that everyone loves to hear, new champions. We have 4 promised champions coming in for the 2021 season with the first, Viego, already available for play. The other three will be in development and announced over the course of the year. What we do know is that they include an AP fighter, an artillery mage, and a marksman, but little more than that.  When you decide to sell your LoL account, be sure to list if you have any of these new champions as those accounts will fetch a premium price.

            But let’s get back to talking about the new champion that we know about, Viego. Viego is a skirmisher and a jungler, meant to blend and ambush with devastating force. This champion has an ability set designed so that you never see him coming and by the time you realize he is there it is far too late. Viego contains an impressive ability set that will make him a stand out champion in the coming season, there is no doubt about that.

            Viego is heavily constructed around his passive ability. Whenever an enemy dies within 3 seconds of being struck by Viego, they generate a wraith. Viego can absorb the wraith to heal himself and to “possess” the enemy champion. Viego takes on the appearance and abilities of the champion who died and his ult becomes fully charged. The only slight drawback is that Viego players can’t use consumables while in this form, but the benefits seriously outweigh the downsides.

            Viego’s other abilities, both passive and active, are built around either speeding him up or slowing down his targets, making him a very good ambush champion. His Harrowed Path ability can be used to even obfuscate his exact location. While the mist might be a bit of a giveaway, not knowing exactly where Viego is can be devastating, his Blade and Maw abilities able to bring a lot of unexpected hurt very quickly.

            Lastly, but far from leastly, is Viego’s ultimate. Now this ultimate is specifically made to be used in conjunction with this champion’s possession ability since it can fully power it. The ultimate, Heartbreaker, launches Viego forward and blasts all the enemies in an AoE effect except for 1. This launching effect will also deactivate the possession ability and return Viego to his true form. The one enemy who is targeted, which is automatically the one with the lowest health, takes a devastating amount of damage and is slowed by 99%. This is obviously meant to be used as a killing blow, allowing you to chain into another possession and instantly recharge your ultimate. That some serious momentum and we are looking forward to seeing some pros put Viego to good use.

            Viego isn’t the only game-changer coming in at the start of the 2021 season. There are a huge amount of new and revamped items that will be entering play at the start of season 11 and any LoL player worth their salt knows that these are going to be the serious game-changers that will decide the currents of this season early on.

            The 22 brand new mythic items are going to seriously define this season. For those that might be a little out of the loop, a mythic item is a special item that can only be assigned one to a player, meaning if you buy one then you can’t buy any others. Mythic items provide some serious buffs, but the real important aspect of them is that they influence the mechanics of the other legendary items you buy, so these are the items that tend to shape your entire build. And more than twenty brand new ones became available for use at the start of this season.

            We want to take a bit more of a strategic look at these mythic items but we have a disclaimer. Even if stuff has been play-tested in the offseason, that doesn’t mean they won’t be patched. So everything from an item’s abilities to appearance could be different just a little after the start of the season. Just something to keep in mind if you see something that fits really well with your playstyle, these items aren’t set in stone just yet and will likely be patched.

            To start us off, an overwhelming majority of the new mythic items are physical build boosters, so you have a significant gain there for players that like to favor physical characters. In those, you have some really interesting, and powerful, items. You have some flat useful buffs like the Divine Sunders Guide, which grants all of your legendary items magical and physical damage penetration, not to mention giving you a damage buff based on your opponents’ health. You also have interesting items like Stridebreaker, which not only grants a bonus to movement speed per legendary item but also gives a flat movement speed bonus each time you deal damage.

            Tanks also have some fun item additions to their mythic line-up. Sunfire Aegis was on we wanted to highlight. This item has some really great stacking and burst immolation effects that can help you tank more effectively and deal a little hurt on the side. Not to mention it has a nice extra bonus of granting a lot of ability haste. Combine that with the new support mythic Imperial Mandate and you got a healer tank combo that is hurting way more than your enemies are going to expect.

            And that is just a small sample of the new mythic items you have to play with. We are excited to see how they grow, change, and stack with the different champion builds. We are looking forward to seeing what the players are going to be able to do this season. We bet it will be impressive.

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