OSRS Deadman Reborn

Old School OSRS is not what we would call an easy game. Because of this, there are a large percentage of players who choose to buy OSRS accounts that are already highly geared and skilled.  There are many players who value it for that very reason. This is why there is so much excitement built up around league play. Leagues take the already challenging nature of OSRS and crank it up a few notches by altering the rules to make it faster and harder. The return of one of the more notoriously brutal league modes at the end of August, Deadman, has fans extremely excited.

            Deadman: Reborn is the official title of this upcoming OSRS league and all you need to participate is an active membership. But what is Deadman? Deadman is a game mode where PVP is allowed essentially anywhere except for very few safe zones. That’s right, unless you are in a specific handful of towns or locals, you can be attacked and killed by any other player. Like we said, this league is particularly brutal.

            Deadman: Reborn has a whole host of changes to the standardized OSRS gameplay to make hunting down your fellow players more challenging, more exciting, and more rewarding. Firstly, unlike the original Deadman, the most recent changes that apply to the general PVP apply. The rules for single and multiple combats apply with strict regulations put on boxing. You can’t use an exploit to avoid PVP combat in a PVP tournament, sorry. The same newer rules apply to PVP and loot as well, allowing players to collect the coveted bank keys from their victims. One key difference in the Deadman league though.

             See, each player will start with three lives. You are at risk of losing your equipped items and the ten most valuable items in your bank. You will have a safety deposit box that protects 10 items from being claimed. That is unless you lose your last life. If you are killed for the third time, the key you drop will have access to your top 28 valuable items, including those in your safety deposit box. Rough, we know. Don’t worry, if you lose your last life your inventory, along with a host of your stats, reset anyway so you wouldn’t have gotten that stuff back anyway.

            So with this brutal punishment for dying too much, is there anything to even the odds in the player’s favor? One of the saving graces for more nervous players on the world levels. Worlds will accessible to players within certain level ranges. Will this ensure that players are always going to be in the same strength range as you? No, but it will stop you from getting slammed by players drastically stronger than you and that seems like enough balance to us in a game mode like Deadman: Reborn.

            Quests will also auto-complete themselves when players reach certain level tiers. This will allow players access to certain prerequisites and the like. That isn’t to say you want to complete the quests of the accord. For one, completing the quests manually is the only way to receive the material rewards. Secondly, and more importantly, there is an increased XP rate. It is expected in league play, but that doesn’t stop us from feeling that fun little rush of excitement when we hear that we will be getting a 10x XP gain rate. Player levels will be growing very quickly, and the power you have and the danger you are in just as fast. That is a big part of the reason that Deadman: Reborn is so exciting, the edge of your seat gameplay compared to traditional OSRS.

            The XP rate isn’t the only increase. Item drop rates are also going up. The rarer and more powerful items in the game will be hitting the ground at 4x the normal rate. On top of an increase to the normal item drop rates increased, many NPCs will also have an increased chance of dropping herbs, potions, and rare potion ingredients. And that isn’t even the most exciting change to the potential loot. On top of a massive increase in the amount of treasure, the Deadman: Reborn mode also has its own exclusive loot table with useful drops for the mode, powerful Ancient Warrior weapons, and sigils.

            What are sigils? Well if you have played the other league modes in OSRS you might be already familiar with the mechanics. They operate similarly to relics, providing powerful buffs to your Deadman: Reborn character, with a few key differences. Unlike artifacts, sigils are not permanent attachments. If you are not skulled and you are in a safe zone, you may change your sigils to fit the situation as appropriate. All attuned sigils will remain with you if you die (as long as it isn’t your last life). You can have a total of three sigils attuned at a time, but only two of them may be combat-oriented. This is a huge change from the original Deadman mode and we are excited to see the changes in strategy that come as a result.

            The last new thing about Deadman: Reborn we wanted to talk about is arguably the most exciting thing. Oftentimes the participation in these types of tournaments yields exclusive in-game rewards to the participants and then some free membership months to the lucky winners. This time there are much higher stakes on the line. Deadman: Reborn will last for a month, and then on the last day a tournament will be held using the character you have been building up all month. Combat will then be restricted to 1v1 and a series of rounds will be held until there is only one player left standing. That player then will receive a grand prize of $20K. Second place still gets a comfy $10K, 3rd and 4th receiving $1K each, making the total prize pool worth $32K. That’s not small change for a gaming tournament.

            So if the promise of grueling and challenging OSRS gameplay doesn’t entice you into Deadman: Reborn, then the lure of a cold cash prize might entice you. Good luck to everyone, we’ll be watching. 

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