OSRS Releases Combat Achievements

Given the frequency that we post about Old School OSRS , it comes as no surprise that the dev team has updated another aspect of the gameplay to make for a more rich and entertaining MMO experience. This most recent addition was no different. The mods have introduced a challenging achievement system for combat. If sword and sorcery is your favorite part of the Old School OSRS experience, then you are going to love the combat achievements.

            The combat achievements will work in a similar fashion to the achievement diaries, at least in the implementation. One of the big differences is that the achievement diaries had only four tiers of difficulty, but OSRS’s long history of focusing on combat means there is so much more content to divvy up, so there is a total of six tiers of combat achievements,. Those six tiers are titled Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, Master, and Grandmaster.

             The combat achievements are split into a handful of different tasks, from killing a total number of a certain type of enemy to taking on some of the most powerful bosses OSRS has to offer. Additionally, some previously recorded or unrecorded accomplishments will role over when the combat achievements are implemented. All kill count tasks will take into account the monsters already slain by the character and your previously recorded times in the gauntlet will also be calculated towards your achievement records. Unfortunately, all other tasks besides the Gauntlet that are measured by time and/or speed will have to be re-completed, but setting records is part of the fun of achievements, isn't it?

            Each tier is steadily increasing in difficulty and has a base requirement, necessary to participate, and a recommended skill level, which is only a suggestion but one you will have a tough time ignoring. The tiers will also have a steadily climbing reward system. The satisfaction of accomplishment by itself is the true reward, but few people are inclined to turn down free loot when offered and we can’t really blame them.

            The Easy tier is the first one you’ll be able to access. The requirements for participating in the easy tier combat achievements are a slayer level of 62 and access to both Morytania and Wintertodt. You can have access to Tempoross in place of Wintertodt, but it still has to be one of those two. OSRS also recommends your base combat stats be at least sixty before attempting these challenges. Your rewards for completing achievements on the first tier are many and we don’t want to spoil everything but we will mention that they include 5K XP lamps and the ability to teleport to Trollheim three times a day.

            The Medium tier requirements include 77 in slayer as well as the ability to summon thralls. The base combat recommendation for medium-tier achievements is 70. If you succeed in your Medium tier achievements your ability to teleport to Trollheim will be upgraded so you can teleport five times a day. You will also receive 10K experiences lamps once you finish all of the medium-tier achievements.

            Next comes hard, which has a fairly lengthy requirement list. You need to be at level 85 of slayer and have access to Zulrah. This tier is also the first to come with a mission requirement. You need to have finished A Night at the Theater to get access to these tiers. OSRS also recommends base 80 in your combat stats for this tier. Your rewards include unlimited teleports to Trollheim as well as more powerful XP lamps, but that’s not all. You will have an increased drop chance for Ecumenical Keys. You can also combine black dragon heads with the dragon hunter crossbow to have access to an exclusive reward.  Moving forward, we will be listing all combat achievements on all of our OSRS accounts for sale on our website.

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