OSRS Tombs of Amascut Update

The news is out and we have fresh information about the newest Old School Runescape raid Tombs of Amascut. The mods are calling Tombs of Amascut their most narrative-heavy raid yet, but along with story and quests comes too brand new ways for players to experience the raid with the promise of more on the horizon.

            So why are players venturing into the tombs? Should I buy a OSRS account to play this new content?  We have will explain!  The goddess of rebirth of the Menaphite Pantheon Amascut was corrupted and turned into The Devourer, wishing to consume every living soul in existence. Her brother Ictharlin has allied himself with his sister’s former priestesses in an effort to stop her. After many years Amascut was able to overcome the efforts of her brother and seeks to obtain a great power buried deep within the tomb of Osmumten. It is up to the players to stop Amascut from obtaining that power and devouring everything within her grasp.

            The Tombs of Amascut raid is designed for a playgroup of up to eight participants. There will be four challenges in total and then a double boss fight at the end of the raid. When entering the tomb, the group will encounter four separate paths, leading to the four different bosses that make up the majority of the raid. Defeating each boss will alter the remaining aspect of the raid, so the order in which you defeat them does matter. Between the players and the boss at the end of the path are a set of challenges the group will need to overcome. These challenges may involve combat but are not combat-focused. Instead, they will be focused on defeating enemies in unconventional ways and solving puzzles. Once the four paths have been beaten, the lower chambers of the tombs will open, revealing the path to the final double boss. That’s five boss fights with six bosses in total.

            On top of all of that, there is also a new quest tied directly to the Tombs of Amascut raid. The quest Beneath the Desert Sands is a master-level quest that actually gives you access to the raid itself. The quest is also going to be released before the raid, to give players ample time to solve its own mysteries before having to tackle the tombs themselves. To participate in the quest you need to have completed Contact!, as Beneath the Desert Sands is part of the Desert questline. You also need to meet the skill prerequisites of 62 Agility, 55 Firemaking, and 55 Smithing to begin BtDS. Aside from access to the Tombs of Amascut, completing the quest also rewards you with 1 quest point, 15000 agility XP, and the ability to upgrade the Keris to the Keris Partisan.

            But those are just the rewards for the pre-raid quest. What does the raid itself have to offer those who have braved its dangerous halls? Well, that is actually pretty up in the air at the moment and the mods are looking for feedback for few different reward options.

            Firstly we have the introduction of Masori equipment. What makes the Masori equipment specifically an interesting addition to the game is the addition of a new status. Masori equipment comes with the Low Life status, which means that if the player wearing it drops below 40% health, then the equipment stats will increase in certain ways. The addition of a status that only affects players that are heavily injured is certainly going to lead to some creative playstyle changes, no doubt about that.

            Some possibly exciting rewards for magic builds include the Heka of Tumeken and the Ward of Elidinis. The Heka is a wand-like weapon that needs to be charged with runes and deals damage in a very interesting way. It attacks very quickly for 50% magic damage but every fourth attack is much slower and much more powerful. So this item gives players both a fast attack option at the cost of some magic power but doesn’t completely remove access to that power, just restrains it a little. The Ward of Elidinis is an incredibly powerful defensive object that also buffs magic attacks. The one catch is that it is broken when you find it and requires either 90 prayer and 90 smithing to fix or paying an NPC massive amounts of money to fix it for you. When it is repaired it is very powerful, a very strong defensive shield all while still having the same magic offensive buff as the Heka.

            For more melee combat-oriented players we have Osmumten's Khopesh. What is interesting about the Khopesh, a stabbing weapon, is the devs are considering changing the max hit calculations for this weapon. The special mechanic would make hitting with the Khopesh much more consistent and more viable for taking on high-defense foes. The Khopesh would also have flat boosts to its accuracy and its max hit damage.

            Lastly, we have one of the more interesting possibilities we have for raid rewards, which is Lightbearer. The Lightbearer is a unique ring in that it doesn’t alter any stats but instead increases the regeneration rate of your special attack energy. The mods don’t think this ring is going to dethrone any of the existing meta, but they believe it will be extremely useful in specific situations and fights. Lightbearer could be extremely useful in specific boss fights and might even come in handy when trying to utilize specific skills that require special attack energy, like fishing.

            The newest raid to come to OSRS comes packed with everything we players love. It has lore, new mechanics, old mechanics interpreted in new ways. And best of all it’s a new way to get to play OSRS with seven of your friends. And if you have more than seven friends then you can play through the raid multiple times. And if you have less than seven friends? Well, the Tombs of Amascut are a great place to make new friends. Just make friends with people who are really strong, that’s our advice.

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