Pokemon Go Raises Level Cap To 50

            When Pokemon Go launched (roughly) five years ago, it became a wildfire sensation that drew all sorts of people in the play and interactions. And while the fire has died a bit, team Niantic is still working hard to update the game frequently with new and engaging content. Niantic has had a plethora of material to pull from and has added interesting gameplay elements again and again. With this most recent update, the player level cap has been extended from 40 to 50 which you can see in our new inventory of Pokemon Go accounts forsale.

            This is exciting news for those who had hit the previous cap, to be sure. These next ten levels come with a twist, though. Unlike your character’s first 40 levels, which simply required XP to advance, levels 41 – 50 require the player to complete specific tasks in order to qualify for the next level. This new element to leveling will present a challenging new gameplay aspect and one player who’s managed to make it to level 40 might see it as a welcome change of pace.

            But what are these new level-based tasks? Well, we got the notes on everything you’ll need to do to hit that new cap. Just a glance at the criteria you can tell it isn’t going to be easy. A challenge perhaps fitting the Pokemon masters who were already able to surpass the first 40 levels. Still, we are going to break down exactly what you need to reach each of the new levels. Experienced veterans know better than to go into a situation without intel, after all.

            Also, like the other levels you still need tons of XP in increasing increments to make it to the new cap. We won’t get into the specific amounts here because that isn’t anything new or unexpected and we are excited to talk about the new stuff.

            Level 41 has three extra challenges in order to obtain it. You need to power up a legendary Pokemon at least 20 times. You also need to win 30 raids. That’s right we said win, not participate in 30 raids, so make sure you bring your A-game if you want to get to that next level. Finally, and the most daunting of the challenges, you will have to catch 200 Pokemon in a single day. Get your phone charge pack and those lures ready, your going to be at it for a while to put that notch in your belt.

            Level 42 has some more general tasks that don’t feel as challenging as some of the ones for the previous level. Not that making 3 excellent throws or using 200 berries to catch Pokemon is easy, but it isn’t contingent on winning anything. The other two tasks might give you pause though. You have to use 15 items to evolve a Pokemon, which isn’t too bad if a bit tougher. The hard challenge for this level is evolving Eevee into each one of its evolutions.  A challenge for serious collectors but now a requirement for making it to level 42.

            Level 43 starts to step up the task difficulty. Not only do you have to earn 100K stardust and land 200 super-effective attacks, but you have to catch 5 legendary Pokemon. Level 43 requirements also introduce a new type of medal above gold, platinum medals, which you need to earn 5 of to advance.

            To make it to level 44 you need to master the battle leagues. A player needs to win 30 battles in the Great League, Ultra League, and Master League as well as 20 battles in the Go Battle League. Once you managed to win the combined 110 battles, then level 44 is all yours.

            By this point, you might have noticed that each task set has a sort of theme. Level 45’s theme is dealing with Team Go Rocket. To reach level 45 to beat 100 Rocket grunts, purify 100 shadow pokemon, and defeat a Team Go Rocket leader 50 times. In addition to putting Team Go Rocket in its place, you also need to have 10 Platinum medals to advance.

            Level 46 requirements aren’t easy, but after the battle-heavy tasks in the previous levels, it feels like a bit of a cool down. In order to qualify for level 46 you have to complete 100 field research tasks, make 50 excellent throws, and hatch 30 eggs. On top of that, you also have to take a snapshot of your Pokemon 7 days in a row, but this will be easy for most trainers who like those sort of little mementos of your close Pokemon friends.

            The cooldown doesn’t last long, and reaching level 47 is far from easy. You need to win 30 raids again, but this time using an entirely unique team and you also need to beat a 3-star raid with a team containing no Pokemon with over 1500 CP. Those are some top-tier challenges on their own, but you also need to have 6 Pokemon reach their max CP and 20 platinum medals to your name before you can claim level 47.

            The theme for level 48 revolves around your buddy. You need to walk 200 kilometers in total and 25 kilometers in week 8 times with your buddy, which is quite the distance. That also puts this task at a hard time limit on this task of a minimum of 8 weeks. You also need to earn 20 souvenirs and 200 hearts with your buddy, a good thing you’ll have a lot of time to fill on your walks.

            Level 49’s requirements seem a tad unfair to us? A bit more luck involved in this level than some previous. Trade 10 Pokemon with one caught 300Km apart or more. Sound hard? Don’t worry you’ll be trading a lot to get the 50 lucky Pokemon you need to obtain too. You also need to send 500 gifts and obtained 35 platinum medals to move to level 49.

            Level 50, the new cap. The challenges for this one have to be tough right? Well, yeah, sorry no surprises here. To start you will have to make 999 excellent throws. You need to catch the legendary Pokemon in the next 5 Legendary encounters you have. Miss one and you have to start all over. You have to defeat the Team Go Rocket leader 3 times with a team of 2500 CP Pokemon, which is frankly brutal. And lastly, reach rank 10 in the Go Battle League.

            There you have it, the exact criteria you need to meet to reach the new cap. No beating around the bush on this one, it’s a tough list of To-dos. We wish all you veteran trainers luck and look forward to hearing about everyone's successes.

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