The Unique Art of Genshin Impact Characters

            Players who purchase Genshin Impact accounts may notice that with only twenty-three characters, Genshin Impact has a much smaller roster than most gacha games. The key difference is that the gacha model isn’t often used with the adventure genre of games. Your interactions with each of your characters are much more extensive than it would be in most other gacha games. Also, despite the smaller roster, there is also a wide range of styles and strengths between the characters, meaning that people’s perfect parties will not all look the same. That being said, there are obviously some characters that are better than others in terms of stats. We aren’t here to go after anyone's favorite. If you like someone then definitely keep playing with them, but if you are on the fence about a choice or two then maybe this list will give you a push in the right direction.

             These characters are graded not only by their performance within the main game but also against bosses and in dungeons.  These character grades have a huge impact on the price you get when you sell your GenshinImpact account. The same goes for all the other characters we grade. The tiers of characters are not in any order, just the groupings. Now if you disagree with any of our judgments, remember that this is not an objective observation and everyone is here to have fun.

             Starting with the best of best, the top tier characters. We have the god of wind himself, Venti. Venti is a highly sought after character because he can deal out damage over a wide area, both of his abilities being large sweeping anemo attacks. Combine this with his long-range attacks and you have a serious contender for best character in the game.

            Klee is a pyro character who seems weak at first but has massive amounts of DPS potential. She can hit wide swathes of enemies while dealing tons of damage. Once properly leveled she can easily be the primary damage for your team.

            Qiqi is a powerful damage dealer, arguably the best cryo character in the game, but that isn’t her strongest attribute. What makes Qiqi so useful is she is an amazing healer, and her healing abilities are scaled to her attack stat, so making her more powerful only benefits the team as a whole.

            While Mona may not work with all team builds, her ability to taunt away from her and high damage output makes her an extremely useful hydro character. Additionally, she can actually run on water, which is possibly useful in combat, this makes her a great addition for environmental exploration and puzzles.

            We are surprised to see Xingqiu rated so low on other lists. While his defensive abilities may not be as devastating as other offensive ones, he is still extremely useful in dungeons and boss fights. Xingqui is very useful when it comes to maintaining damage flow and keeping your party alive.

            Tartaglia is everyone's new favorite and it’s easy to see why. The obvious versatility in being able to switch between long and short-range attacks is something no other character can do. Tartaglia also comes with the added bonus of a passive range-extending ability, buffing your other party characters, which makes him useful all around.

            New favorites are good, but what about old favorites. Diluc is the fan-favorite DPS machine and while new characters have come in that can match him, there still isn’t anyone better than this flame swordsman when it comes to destroying your enemies.

            If you like Diluc but need a little more versatility then we recommend Bennet. He may not have Diluc’s DPS but he has some healing capabilities that can really help in a pinch.

            Next, we have the high tier character list. This is the tier that better than just okay but doesn’t do well enough to make them party defining. They are actually the most prevalent tier of character you can pull in Genshin Impact, which says a lot of good things for its roster, honestly.

            Lots of players undervalue defensive abilities in Genshin Impact, and Ningguang is proof of that. High tier stats plus amazing defensive abilities but it doesn’t seem as impressive as giant explosions. Still, she is worth the investment.

            Then you have Razor and Xianling, which are both good party picks but tend to be weighed down by the fact that they can be just a bit on the finicky side of play. Razor requires some knowledge of timing to use to his max efficiency and Xianling needs to be aimed with surprising precision to use more efficiently.

            Barbara and Diona are your high tier healers and both are really good at what they do. Barbara is one of the game’s free characters (close to the best one) and will likely be your primary healer for a while. She does lack punch, though, and Diona doesn’t which makes her a slightly better choice for team healer.

            High tier characters tend to also find themselves aligned with electro, which is why we see both Kequing and Fischl on this point on this list. Both have abilities that spread their element and move them quickly around the map, making them great for combos. Kequing comes slightly higher than Fischl since Fischl’s more useful because of her hawk rather than general attack combo.

            Jean is a great rounded character in the same way that Qiqi is since her attack and healing are linked. She simply doesn’t have the stats to match Qiqi but will work for your party well if you need a good attacked based healer.

            Below these characters, you have your middle tier, which mostly consists of the free characters the game provides you. Characters like Kaeya and Lisa aren’t bad, but they are mostly good for solving element based puzzles until you unlock someone better. Amber suffers from this problem the most. Ranged pyro is great for puzzle solving but little else.

            The other side of mid-tier characters are characters that feel like something is just a bit off. Beidou or Noelle just feels a little too slow or cumbersome to use with the finesse that other characters can be.

            There you have are tips on team picks for your Genshin Impact experience. Hope this makes beating bosses or finding secret treasure that much more fun for you. 

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