World of Warcraft Auction House Guide

            The auction house is one of the pillars of economy of the World Of Warcraft where players meet to trade the fruits of their labor to the players that need them in exchange for cold, hard currency. Money and goods change hands in WoW much as they do in the real world and much in those ways, there is a lot of potential for profit.  For new players, especially those who buy cheap WoW accounts to get a head start, the auction house can be a bit overwhelming so we are here to help with that.

            The recent introduction of Burning Crusade classic and the reintroduction of professions and the associated goods have thrown the economy of the classic servers into heavy flux. That is why now is the time to get yourself invested in the auction house, specifically if you are doing so in order to make money.

            There are a total of nine auction houses in the entire world, three for each faction and then an additional three that are neutral and can be accessed by both factions. The three horde auction houses are located Ogrimmar, Thunder Bluff, and The Undercity. The Alliance auction houses can be found in Darnassus, Ironforge, and Stormwind. The three neutral auction houses can be found by either side in Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, and Winterspring. Something players should bear and mind is while the faction neutral houses will give you access to a lot wider of customer base the neutral houses also take a much higher percentage cut of profits from sales. The faction-based auction houses take 5% of the sale and the neutral auction houses take a sizable 30%.

            So you have found an auction house that has a flow that you like, what is the next step? How does one make money in an auction house? Well, there are two options, both presenting their own challenges, but both can prove to be very lucrative in the current economy of classic WoW.

            Firstly, there is the far more traditional method of making money at the auction house which is simply based in selling goods for a profit. There are many lucrative professions in WoW that many players don’t have the time, money, or interest to commit to. Still, in true MMO fashion, products of all those professions are still necessary to play optimally. And that doesn’t just include arms and armor, the consumables that players can produce are just as, if not more, essential. So having a character who has committed hours to perfect the skills and producing in-demand goods can yield a ton of gold in return for your hard work.

            This has been made particularly true by the recent BC classic launch. That was the key difference between the original Burning Crusade and the classic launch, players knew what was coming. Many started to harvest resources for the coming changes in professions before the expansion was officially added, altering the market and changing the landscape for future auction house entrepreneurs. That is why we recommend scoping the supply and demand chain of the auction house you will be frequenting before you show up with an armload of goods that nobody may want.

            What is the biggest advantage of this form of auction house business? That is has a relatively low cost. You can buy the supplies, sure, but they are also obtainable through travel and combat, meaning the initial investment is going to be small to nonexistent.  It may not be a way to make money fast, but it is a way to make a sizable amount of money from almost nothing.

            One of the most important aspects of the auction house to learn to utilize if you want to make money in this way is the buyout price. The buyers can bid like they would with a traditional auction but they also have the option to buy out. The buyout is a higher price set by the seller that a player can pay immediately in order to secure the purchase of the object. Often players will use this option, even if it is more expensive, to avoid having to wait until the auction has finished. This also eliminates the possibility of being outbid. The key for you as a seller is to find the pricing sweet spot, where it is not too high to deter people from opting to buy but not so low that you are losing out on potential profits.

            The other method of profiting from the auction house involves no professions or production of goods. In fact, most times you will never have to leave the auction house. The second method is specifically modeled off of how somebody would make money on a stock market, since that is what the auction house is, in a way. You buy low and sell high, keeping the difference.

            There are a couple of downsides to this method. Firstly, it requires a much larger base investment. You won’t be able to make money this way without having a lot of initial investment to throw in. You might not necessarily be risking anything unless something goes terribly awry, but having a lot of money to through behind something just to make more might not be the most fun use of your time in a video game.

            The other aspect of this system that is generally unappealing to players is it takes a good chunk of time. You won’t need to travel around, but you also can’t really leave in order to properly keep track of the prices. There are websites and apps to assist with this, but the only way you will be able to act in the appropriate amount of time is to be online pretty frequently.

            All that taken into account, why would you want to utilize this method of gaining gold in Wow? Results. This may be a lot less exciting than other methods, but the gold yield on a good day can set up your character for a long time.

            Those are the best ways to try and yield a profit from the auction house in the classic servers. The markets are going to still be in flux from the recent expansion launch, but if you play your cards right you can use that to your advantage. See you around the AH!

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