World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade Launched

The ever-expanding landscape of the World of Warcraft Classic will soon reach the first expansion for itself and WoW as a whole, Burning Crusade. For those who might be asking yourself, “why release the game and its expansion again?” it’s important to note that WoW, being an MMO, has changed so drastically since these initial releases that it is now an essentially completely different game. This gives long-time fans and younger audiences alike a reason to want to explore the pre-altered gameplay, so they can see how the game played years before.

Burning Crusade classic has a release date of June 1st, and as that date draws ever closer there is a lot you could be doing to prepare for the coming expansion. And this doesn’t just mean research, we are talking about resources too. Don’t sweat it though, we are going to give you a thorough breakdown of the steps you should take to ensure your best success in the Burning Crusade expansion.

The first, and maybe the most obvious step, is to decide the type of character you want to play. This may seem like a no-brainer, but we thought it was important to add a reminder because many aspects of Burning Crusade contain a lot of time sunk into them, and making a choice you got comfortable with beforehand could save you some backtracking in the long run. Not to mention that many aspects you may be familiar with from standard play have been unaltered in Burning Crusade Classic, so there might be some builds that aren’t possible in other versions that you will suddenly have access to.

The next thing you may want to consider is pre-planning your professions. The interesting difference in a classic launch is we have a much better understanding of what all the “new” stuff is capable of. Leathercrafters will have access to the Drums of War and although Blizzard did say the drums might see some alterations, chances are they will still be incredibly powerful. Another profession-based benefit is the reintroduction of jewelry crafting. Since jewelry crafting is an entirely “new” profession, the demand for gems will be very high right at launch, with players wanting to improve their armor.

That, in turn, brings us to our next suggestion which is to farm professional materials. As jewel crafting becomes available, the demand for the necessary jewels is going to shoot up very quickly. That means if you take advantage of the head start to mine the precious jewels now, you’ll have a good stockpile of these highly sought materials. You’ll be able to use this stockpile as a source of profit, or for your own learning and equipment upgrades.

Next a note on leveling. When playing an expansion the first time, you generally want to play it all: quests, dungeons, and everything else. Now, though, you could be a little pickier about how you want to level. Questing still has a good rate of XP and reputation, which makes it the overall more reliable method for the lower cost. But if you have the gold to invest, then you could gain everything you need from dungeoneering parties. This method is faster and will make the quests, which are still accessible once you are done, that much easier. It is, however, much more costly, so consider that when making your choice. 

Another good pre-release tactic is to research and plan the faction you want to side with. While not essential, having an idea of the direction you want to go in will help you plan better and not have to waste time and/or resources. The Aldor, for instance, have one of the most powerful weapons in the game, the Vindicators Brand, versus the Scryers boon, a useful little trinket called the Scryer Bloodgem, a perfect addition for a spellcaster build.

We know we have been suggesting a lot of homework for this expansion release and we are about to suggest even more but don’t let that deter you. It’s not that you have to know a lot of complex stuff in order to succeed. These suggestions are specifically so you don’t waste the precious resources that you have and regret it later.

Bringing us to the suggestion that we can’t stress enough, reading up on attunement. If you ignore all the other advice in this article, don’t ignore this. Attunement will see a drastic change between standard classic and Burning Crusade Classic and if you are unaware of those changes then you are in for one heck of a grind. Seriously, the need for reputation and mounts, not to mention the introduction of a timed dungeon will throw off players who aren’t expecting it so while you may appreciate the surprise, we recommend may be reading just a little ahead on this one.

Last but not least we have the most obvious piece of advice, gold farming. You are going to want to have a lot of gold saved up before Burning Crusade Classic’s release, plain and simple. Gold is just a flatly useful resource to have for almost anything you are trying to achieve. Many of the dungeons in BC carry a high cost to pull off so the farming can make these places accessible.

As a follow-up to gold farming, we have one last thing you might want to consider ahead of time: Farming alts. Characters whose class and abilities are specifically oriented around certain money-making professions, like herbalism or mining. Planning this ahead of time will be helpful both before the launch both figuratively and literally as it can help you stock resources and gold.

And those are our tips for preparing for the “newest” classic expansion. We look forward to getting out there and seeing what everyone does with the classic gameplay. We have already updated the website to show both WoW Classic accounts and WoW Burning Crusade accounts for sale.  Nothing compares to the first time around, when we all had no idea what we were doing (devs included) but now that we are going in knowing what to expect? It really will feel like a whole different game this time around.   

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