World of Warcraft Shadowlands Torghast Guide

            Shadowlands has proven that World of Warcraft still has the potential for interesting and engaging gameplay more than a decade and a half since its release. Specifically, prove it to a player base that becomes jaded and untrusting of the direction of the developers and the company. Shadowlands is fun and polished and people are coming back to try out the new expansion in record numbers.  With so many new players, many are looking to jump ahead and buy WoW accounts to skip the grind.

            One of the key additions to Shadowlands is Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Torghast is a dungeon that can be raided for rewards both in solo and group play. The key difference is that Torghast has a bit of a twist. Torghast is generated new every time you play so the randomized dungeons give each delve a new and refreshing experience. While this is certainly a very fun addition, it is interesting to see an aspect of WoW so keenly influenced by top PC gaming trends. Roguelike and rogue-lite games have been steadily growing in popularity for the last few years, so this addition to WoW doesn’t come as a great shock.

            It could be argued that procedurally generated gameplay by itself should compartmentalize the whole mechanism into a genre, but the additional inclusion of inter-floor buffs does resemble some of the more popular mechanics being implemented in the roguelike genre. We think that having some fans in the dev team is probably a very good thing since Torghast has proven one of the more popular additions.

            In fact, Torghast is as popular as it is difficult. Wave after wave of enemies attack as you try and find your way through an endlessly changing labyrinth. Sounds like a tough time. The rewards are worth it and the deeper you can get, the better your haul will be. Torghast is also the only way players can obtain a rare material known as Soul Ash, which will allow you to unlock Legendary Powers as well as other abilities like runecarving. The deeper you go, the more Soul Ash you can win to maximize your character’s powers and get the best price when you sell your World of Warcraft account down the line.

            So how do you get deep? Is it possible to control how deep you get if everything is up to chance? Well of course it is. RNG (random number generators) may be one of the most frustrating obstacles for gaming enthusiasts but there is plenty of strategy in how you approach Torghast.

            First off, let’s talk about preparation. These are the steps you should be taking before you even go into Torghast to ensure you will have a successful, and profitable, run. The first thing you are going to want to look into is getting some of the permanent Torghast upgrades. Lots of aspects of Torghast will change from an attempt to attempt, but these permanent modifiers will ensure that you will have an edge you can rely on consistently and plan your moves around. The other pre-raid prep is to group up. Grouping is especially effective in Torghast because the mobs inside it only target one player at a time. You can use this to your advantage to quickly overwhelm most mods in the tower if you have a good adventuring group with who you can coordinate and plan with. The enemies don’t start scaling until past 4 to 5 party members, so that is the ideal team size.

            Inside Torghast there is a lot of opportunities for treasure and buffs, as long as you take your time. We cannot stress that enough. Your limit to tower progression is based on deaths, not time. Take this as an opportunity to plan out each assault to give you a full advantage. Another reason you need to be meticulous is there is tons of treasure hidden in breakable containers throughout Torghast. Rewards range, but you need to keep your eye out for one specific reward in particular: Soul Remnants. Soul Remnants are chained to the walls of Torghast and will reward others upon their rescue. Soul Remnants grant a main stat buff of 1% for each one freed. And it stacks. So keep a watchful eye out for some ghosts that might need to be released and enjoy the stat buff, though we know you in it for the altruism.

            While Torghast isn’t strictly a timed event, it should be noted that after the 3rd floor, enemies start to spawn with a buff called Unnatural Power. Unnatural power is a passive ability that grants powerful buffs based on how long the target has been alive. So our one piece of time-sensitive advice is to kill any enemies you meet fast as possible once they set that buff off they are going to get a lot nastier a lot faster.

            Now some of your out there might have a particularly stealthy class (looking at you rogues) and may feel the impulse to use this to your advantage. Sneaking around groups of enemies is usually a good idea, but in this one instances not so much. Remember Unnatural Power? The longer you leave an enemy unkilled, the more powerful they grow. So no skipping over groups or mobs, or you might just end up paying for it in the long run.

            If you take all this advice and still find yourself struggling to make progress in Torghast maybe you need to examine what class you are playing. The layout, enemies, and general specs of the dungeon and rewards differ depending on what class you choose to ascend the tower with. Some classes will struggle with the nuances of how the tower responds to input, We are sure you have a few extra characters you’ve been meaning to give it a shot.

            There you have a fast and simple guide to digging into the monstrosity that is Torghast. We hope that you are your small squad has success in the realm of dungeon delving. Remember to keep your sword sharp and your helmet straight and we are sure you will come out the other side absolutely fine. And if not, well I think you’ll have a pretty interesting story to tell. 

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