How To Farm Agility In Old School Runescape

            One of the most difficult skills to train in Old School Runescape is agility. You may have noticed that Runescape accounts with high agility usually fetch a much higher price.  Agility requires attention and precise timing over and over again to level and is considered not only one of the most difficult skills to level up but one of the most tedious. There isn’t really a trick to farming agility that will beat out all the others, but there are many small steps you can take to ensure you are earning your maximum potential agility experience. Follow these suggestions and you’ll be at max agility as fast as the game will allow.

            There are a few things you are going to need to stock up on before starting on your journey of agility mastery.  This will require a considerable amount of Runescape gold, so buying some is always an option. You are going to need a heavy stock of energy, super energy, and stamina potions and you are going to need a lot of them. These potions mean you won’t have to slow down and wait for your energy to regenerate. Another thing you are going to want to get your hands on weight-reducing armor. There are a few pieces in the game, including some you unlock via agility training, but until you have them try and keep your weight as close to 0 as possible. Lastly, a good supply of food is important to have on hand, since many agility training methods can cost you hit points.

             Once you are stocked up you will have to do quite a bit of traveling to access the best places to raise your agility. Two things to keep in mind while traveling around the world. Agility XP is gained while running so you should make a point of running everywhere. The other way you can earn XP while traveling is by taking shortcuts. If you have the appropriate stats, you should utilize shortcuts where you can to earn extra XP. Every little bit helps.

            The primary method you are going to use to earn agility XP is on agility courses. The course you need to utilize is based on your current agility state. Now, many players recommend questing as a means to bypass the low-level agility courses. The combination of finishing the Recruitment Drive, The Tourist Trap, and The Grand Tree quests give enough XP to raise your agility all the way to level 32. Since questing isn’t always an option, will detail the course work you have to do.

            If you are under 10 agility, then you are going to have to train in the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course.  This course should be relatively simple and safe and require no food. Once you hit 10, something you can do in about 15 laps, you are going to move on to the Draynor Village Agility Course. Draynor works best for leveling from 10 to 20 but the difficulty is a little higher so you are going to start using that food and those potions. A player can do this in about 30 laps and then it’s on to the next course.

            As an aside, all approximate times assume you are using those energy and stamina potions to maximum efficiency, so make sure to bring as many as you can.

            For 20 to 30, you will be working out at the Al Kharid Agility Course. After 50 laps you will have managed to finish off this course, despite the fact that each course awards. You’ll notice that each course takes more and more laps to maximize your skill XP, but this is unsurprising if you are familiar with the nature of skill farming in OSRS and its notorious exponential growth.

            Moving ahead to the next course, you’ll find yourself at the Varrock Agility Course. Varrock should prove another simple grind, allowing your character to get to 40 agility. Past 40 is where you start to run into some more interesting options as far as techniques and strategy, but we are going to recommend the safest and most consistent methods of leveling up.

            Once you hit 40 you are in for some long haul farming at the Canifis Agility Course. You aren’t going to want to leave here until you reach 60 agility and this will take a while. The good news is that this course has the highest spawn rate of Marks of Grace, an agility training course currency that will allow you to unlock some super lightweight armor to pay for your training. This extended training will pay off in the long run, we promise.

            After you reach 60 agility, you’ll need to take a bit of a detour. You need to finish the hard tasks in the Kandarin diary. It may seem like a pain, but trust us it will save you a lot more grinding in the long run. Finishing the diary unlocks the Camelot teleport, which can be used to maximize your training in the next course.

            Once you have the teleport unlocked, then you should be ready to get comfy at the Seers' Village Agility Course since you are going to be here until you hit 90 agility. That is why it was so important to unlock the Camelot teleport. If you use it at the end of this course it will make your training go exponentially faster and make this large gap close much quicker.

            Your last nine levels will prove to be much more relaxing and profitable than the rest of your grind. Ardougne Agility Course offers large amounts of XP and a high spawn rate for Grace Marks making the last stretch downright leisurely by comparison.

            That is how you can get from agility 1 to 99 as fast as you can in OSRS. It may be a lot more taxing than woodcutting or mining, but that will make it that much more satisfying when you are finished. That 99 agility is something you’ll be able to wear with honor knowing you had the perseverance and determination to stick it out with one of the hardest farming sessions in all of Old School Runescape.  To top it off, once completed, you will have added considerable value to when you decide to sell your OSRS account. A sense of pride well-earned, we think. 

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