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Easily one of the most coveted and sought after pieces of equipment in OSRS, the infernal cape is as powerful as it is extremely difficult to obtain. The trials and tribulations a player must face are some of the toughest the game has to throw at you. Not to mention that you have to do it all 100% solo with no outside help. Getting your hands on this bad boy is no easy task, which is why players who have managed it can wear it with a well-deserved sense of pride.  Because of all this, an infernal cape will fetch you the highest price when you sell your Runescape account to us.

The infernal cape on its own a real special piece of equipment. For starters, it is a badge of honor for those who have faced the incredibly difficult Inferno mini-game. Prestige aside, this cape's rather remarkable stats are nothing to be ignored. Its melee bonuses are more than noteworthy, a +4 across the board for stab, slash, and crush damage. While that is not the highest in any one category, it has a strong enough overall bonus to rival other top tier contenders for the title of the best offensive cape. What the infernal cape cannot be rivaled in, however, is its defense stats. With a +12 across every category of defense, it is the very best cape in the game.

Also, we all know that fire decals make anything sick as hell, and the infernal cape is 100% fire decal. Fun Fact: The infernal cape and its weaker relative the fire cape are the only capes in Old School RuneScape that have an animated texture while being worn. Just another reason this cape is a valued piece of equipment in any hardcore, and aesthetic minded, player’s retinue.

As an added bonus, the infernal cape is also the only way you can obtain the Jal-nib-rek, or little nibbler pet. This pet is another exclusive and rare item that you can only have access to by either trading the inferno cape or if it is dropped by the same boss who you need to defeat to obtain the inferno cape. Given this, it's easy to see how the Jal-nib-rek and the infernal cape became two closely associated pieces of loot. Oh! If you do happen to trade your inferno cape to TzHaar-Ket-Keh for a chance to obtain this special pet, make sure you have room in your inventory. If your inventory is full, and you have a pet already, your Jal-nib-rek simply won’t spawn. And with a 1/100 chance of spawning both as a drop and as an exchange, this is definitely an error you want to avoid.

Okay, there is a lot you can do with the infernal cape and its super fancy. Now you want to know how to actually get it. Truth be told, it is probably one of the hardest things to get your hands on in OSRS. But don’t let that deter you. It has been done, it can be done, and you are the one who can do it.

The infernal cape is a non-tradable reward given for the completion of inferno, a solo mini-game where the player must face 69 waves of enemies. The player cannot restock between waves and, because it is a solo adventure, absolutely no other players can come to your aid. Also, purple sweets cannot be used in the inferno as well. Adding injury to, well, injury, if the player is defeated at any point in the challenge they have to start over from the beginning.  One of the things you can do, as this is a very time-consuming task, is that if you log out between waves the mini-game will be paused and kept as-is.

The first 68 waves of the fight are truly arduous, each wave difficult in their own right but the task as a whole becomes a grueling fight to the absolute last. But just when you think you have reached the brink of what your character can handle then you encounter the final wave, and, to put it politely, it is a real piece of work.

The final waves spawns TzKal-Zuk. TzKal-Zuk is considered one of the hardest bosses in the game, and not just because of the fact that they must be fought solo at the end of a massive wave of enemies. TzKal-Zuk on their own is a force to be reckoned with, coming in with a 1400 combat level and 1200 hit points. This boss requires an intricate strategy to defeat. But as others with the infernal cape will testify, it is possible.

For the entirety of the fight, TzKal-Zuk is on a platform separate from the player and completely out of melee range so you will have to rely on ranged and magic attacks to hurt him. It is generally wise to wield the twisted bow or the Armadyl crossbow when going up against TzKal-Zuk, with the toxic blowgun as a backup to deal with the many others that will spawn during the fight.  Both of these weapons and their ammo can be extremely expensive and many players will buy OSRS gold in order to help shoulder the costs.  TzKal-Zuk’s attacks are enough to kill most players in one blow and while they can miss or only deal enough damage to survive, this is not a gamble we recommend. Instead, keep under cover of the moving shield that spawns during the fight.

This boss isn’t keen on being avoided though, and they will spawn monsters to attack the shield. You must make sure to keep these them at bay as if the shield is destroyed it will be next to impossible for you to win the fight. Noteworthy spawns include a JalTok-Jad when TzKal-Zuk falls to 480hp and four Jal-MejJak when TzKal-Zuk falls to 240hp. The JalTok-Jad will try and destroy the shield and must be killed ASAP. The Jal-MejJak will not attack until they are attacked, but instead focus on healing TzKal-Zuk and should be dealt with before return your attention back to the main boss.

If you follow this advice and manage to slay TzKal-Zuk then congratulations, you have triumphed over info and earned yourself not only bragging rights but one of the best capes in the game. I will let you decide which perk you think is better, but I’m a bigger fan of stat bonuses myself.  If you are looking to buy a OSRS account that already has an infernal cape, we have you covered.

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