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Accountwarehouse.com is the industry leader when it comes to Runescape gold. We offer you the best prices on OSRS gold, 30 minute delivery (during hours of operation), and the safest delivery techniques. Keeping your Runescape account safe is our #1 priority. We will never sell gold that was hacked, scammed, stolen, or otherwise deemed unsafe.

All of our gold deliveries are delivered discreetly via a face to face trade at the world of your choice at Varrock East (Small) Bank up the stairs.

Any questions? Are you wondering if we are in stock on your server? Please submit your question in our support center and one of our agents will gladly assist you.

Gold Packages

25 Million OSRS Gold $15.38 USD
50 Million OSRS Gold $30.73 USD
100 Million OSRS Gold $61.46 USD
150 Million OSRS Gold $92.10 USD
200 Million OSRS Gold $122.80 USD
250 Million OSRS Gold $153.35 USD
300 Million OSRS Gold $184.02 USD
350 Million OSRS Gold $214.48 USD
400 Million OSRS Gold $245.12 USD
450 Million OSRS Gold $275.48 USD
500 Million OSRS Gold $306.09 USD
550 Million OSRS Gold $336.36 USD
600 Million OSRS Gold $366.94 USD
650 Million OSRS Gold $397.11 USD
700 Million OSRS Gold $427.66 USD
750 Million OSRS Gold $457.75 USD
800 Million OSRS Gold $488.26 USD
850 Million OSRS Gold $518.26 USD
900 Million OSRS Gold $548.74 USD
950 Million OSRS Gold $578.64 USD
1000 Million OSRS Gold $609.10 USD

Safely Buying Old School Runescape Gold

Buying Runescape gold safely is very important in maintaining your OSRS account. Earning gp in game can take up a lot. The easy way to obtain Old School RS gold is just to buy it from a gold site. While gold buying

Players are always looking for the best deals but it is important to know where the gold comes from. Cheap OSRS gold that comes from hacked accounts is usually tracked by Jagex. Buying this hacked gold can lead to an account closure, also known as a ban for breaking the EULA. Websites such as Powerbot, Sythe, and Playerauctions do not screen their gold sellers, putting customers at risk. Furthermore, many websites do not support Paypal as a payment method.

At Accountwarehouse, we are more than just an account seller. We are also the best place for the safest, legitimate RS gold delivered directly to your Runescape account. We accept many payment methods including Paypal, debit cards, credit cards, and bitcoin. Being a US company, we cannot accept Skrill as a payment option. Alternative payment methods such as wires from your bank account or Western Union can be arranged.

We do not charge any additional fees based upon your payment options unlike Playerauctions and other third party gold sites. Other gold sellers may advertise the cheapest Runescape gold, but once you proceed to checkout, you will see 5%+ in service fees added. At Accountwarehouse, we offer the cheapest price on all Old School accounts, services, and gold without hiding behind service fees. We offer the lowest price on any amount of OSRS gold with no gimmicks, no risk of bans, and no need for coupon codes.

If you have any questions about our inventory, feel free to place a support ticket in our Support Center. Our agents will answer you faster than other websites’ live chat and will provide excellent service. All responses to a support ticket will be sent to your e-mail address. If for any reason we are out of stock or cannot find a supplier for instant delivery, simply request a refund and it will be processed right away.

It is our goal to provide shoppers with the absolute best game experience whether it is secure Runescape accounts or cheap OSRS gold. Between our competitive rates, fast transaction process, competitive rates, and nearly instant delivery, Accountwarehouse is the #1 RSGP site. We have over 10 years of experience in this industry along with thousands of 5 star reviews on Customerlobby and Trustpilot. We use third-party review collection websites in order to ensure every vouch is legitimate.

How Does Old School RS Gold Delivery Work

Upon checkout on our website with your preferred payment option, we do a quick fraud screening that normally takes less than 5 minutes. Our live chat agents will screen your payment and likely conduct a quick phone call to your telephone number if you are a first time customer. None of the personal information or credit card details you provide us is shared with any third parties. Our fraud screening is the same that you would expect from other vendors such as Playerauctions and other gold sites. Please take a moment and read our Privacy policy for any further questions regarding our use of your personal information.

Upon completing our fraud screening your order is ready for delivery. Our delivery team will meet your character in-game at a pre-determined location. The trade is conducted quickly and anonymously. Do not ever reply to anyone in-game when receiving gold. Scammers will whisper your character asking you to trade the gold back for “safety.” Simply ignore them and enjoy your Oldschool Runescape gold. We hope that you enjoy our fast service and lowest prices on Old School RS gold. Let us prove why Accountwarehouse is the best OSRS gold site.

What is Runescape Gold?

Like most MMORPG games in existence, Runescape has a diverse economy. In Old School Runescape the main form of currency is gold. Gold can be commonly referred to as Runescape money. This currency is needed for just about every activity in the game. Whether you are looking to PvE, PvP, craft, skill, or quest you will need a lot of RS gold in order to enjoy the full Runescape experience. The more Runescape gold you have, the easier the game will become. Most high-level accounts will have millions, if not billions of RSGP.

Platinum Tokens are another form of currency. A Platinum Token is the same as OSRS gp except it is worth more, allowing you to carry more currency in your inventory. You can exchange platinum tokens at any bank and receive 1000 coins in return.

Most other types of currency that cannot be traded to other Runescape players. For example, Mark of Grace cannot be traded to other players but is used to buy graceful gear from NPC vendors. A few other examples of untradeable currencies are Agility Arena Ticket, Frog Token, and Tokkul. These can be earned from playing mini-games, obstacle courses, and PvE content.

How can I earn more Runescape gold?

Due to how important gold is in Old School Runescape, players spend a lot of time coming up with ways to acquire more of it. While OSRS gp can be farmed many ways, there are a few methods that stand out due to the high amount of gold per hour that can be obtained. Of course, you can always skip the grind and buy OSRS gold from a reputable gold seller.

  1. Killing Zulrah: Zulrah is a powerful level 725 snake boss that requires high combat skills to defeat. The Zulrah encounter is a single player instance, meaning nobody can help you. In order to defeat Zulrah, your character will need specialized equipment for both ranged and magic attacks. Because of the encounter’s mechanics, players cannot use any melee weapons. On average, players earn about 143,000 coins per hour farming Zulrah.
  2. Chambers of Xeric Raid: The Chambers of Xeric is a PvE raid where you team up with other Runescape players in order to defeat bosses. The higher your team’s combat level is, the more difficult the raid will be. Higher difficulties result in more gold earned at the end of the encounter. This raid is very difficult and costs roughly 200k per gold in supplies per raid attempt. While not ever run will be profitable, some of the rare drops can be worth millions of RS gold.
  3. Farming Green Dragons: Not all PvE in Runescape is difficult. Green dragons for example are very easy to kill as long as you have an anti-dragon shield. Players fight them in the wilderness for their loot, mainly Dragon Bones and Green Dragon Hides. These two items are extremely valuable and can be sold on the Grand Exchange for OSRS gp. Farming green dragons may be a long grind, but earns a Runescape player anywhere from 100,000 to 1,000,000 gold per hour depending on the speed you can kill them.
  4. Smithing at the Blast Furnace: Not all ways to make gold in Runescape require you to kill monsters. You can make a large amount simply by crafting. For example the Blast Furnace allows you to turn ore such as Adamantite or Runeite into bars. When crafting these bars you can earn anywhere from 100-900K gph while leveling up your smithing skill.
  5. Staking and PvP: One of the most common way to earn in-game gold is by earning it directly from other players through combat. In the Duel Arena you can challenge other players to a duel. Whoever wins the duel will win any of the staked items. Players can choose what they want to stake before the fight. If either player is not happy with the wager, they are not required to accept the duel. Another form of PvP is in the wilderness. In the wilderness you can fight other players and there are very little rules. Upon killing another player, you are rewarded with some of that player’s items. The same applies to you if another player kills you in the wilderness. Be careful though as once you are in the deep wilderness, you may get attacked by a clan. Team PVP is very common in the wilderness.
  6. Earning Old School Runescape Gold The Smart Way: Not every gold making method in Runescape requires you to farm monsters or spend a lot of time crafting. The Grand Exchange is one of the best ways to make gold in Runescape if you know what you are doing. Think of it similar to a stock market where item prices are always going up and down depending on the number of buyers and sellers in the market. Shoppers can buy items at a low price by searching for the best deal and then re-sell them at a high price in order to earn a profit. There is no limit to how much you can make using this method but you could also lose it all. Be sure to research item prices and their history before attempting this method.

How Can Runescape Gold Help Training Skills?

In OSRS, gold is used in just about every task and training your skills is no exception. For example, smithing requires a large amount of ore to level up. You will either have to spend a long period of time mining all the ore yourself, or you buy it from an ore seller in the Grand Exchange using your OSRS gold.

Another example of how Old School gold is necessary is for leveling up your Magic skill level. This is an important combat stat that can not be leveled without gold or runes. In order to get runes you either need to spend a large amount of time runecrafting them, or they will need to be purchased at the GE. Once you purchase the runes you can use spells in order to level up your magic level.

Can Runescape Gold Make My Character Stronger?

Runescape gold’s biggest use case is in acquiring powerful items on the Grand Exchange. Rather than spending hours farming and crafting new weapons and armor, you can simply buy them from other Runescape players. Some of the most powerful items in the game such as a Twisted Bow can be purchased on the GE if you have enough Old School Runescape gold.

How do weapons and armor make your Runescape character more powerful? Take a Bronze Platebody for example. This is a chest piece that gives a player +15 Stab Defence, +14 Slash Defence, +9 Crush Defence, and +14 Ranged Defence. On the other hand a high end chest piece like the Bandos Chestplate dwarfs the stats of a Bronze Platebody. This chestplate gives a player +98 Stab Defence, +93 Slash Defence, +105 Crush Defence, and +133 Ranged Defence. The defence bonus from having better armor is huge.

Having better weapons allows your character to deal more damage. For example, a Bronze Scimitar gives a player +9 in overall attack bonuses. This may seem like a lot but the Abyssal Whip which can be purchased gives +82 to attack bonuses. A bronze scimitar only costs a few coins however, while a whip costs around 2.5 Million gold. There are even better items though which can be purchased for large amounts of gold. The Scythe of Vitur for example costs over 600 Million coins. This scythe not only gives +135 attack bonuses but also gives +50 to a player’s strength level. If two players dueled and one had a Scythe of Vitur and the other a Bronze Sword there would be no contest.

Runescape Bonds

Bonds are great for players who have extra RS gold at their disposal. Players are able to purchase bonds from the Grand Exchange and can redeem them for two weeks of membership. While Old School Runescape may be a FTP (free to play) game, membership opens up much of the game. Bonds can also be used to name change a character. Jagex frequently runs sales where if players redeem more than 5 bonds, they are given bonus membership time.

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