World of Warcraft Classic AQ40 Patch Update

World of Warcraft has released the latest content update to their Classic servers on July 28, 2020.  This major update includes two new raids featuring hundreds of pieces of new gear, a new server-wide event, and an additional bag slot for players who secure their account with an authenticator.   While the extra bag slot for a WoW account with an authenticator is nothing new for the retail version of the game, the bag slot is finally unlocked on WoW Classic servers.

Notable Patch Changes

Quest line revolving around unlocking the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

New 20 Player Raid: Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (known as AQ20)

New 40 Player Raid: Gates of Ahn’Qiraj (known as AQ40)

Tier 2.5 Raid Gear

Authenticator Bag Slot

Most of the content in this new patch revolves around the zone Silithus, located on the southern end of the continent of Kalimdor.  At release, only the quest line to unlock the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj is available.  Players will have to journey all over Azeroth completing tasks that will ultimately lead them to Silithus.  Once in Silithus, players will have to stockpile materials and resources for their respective factions.  Once enough resources have been collected, the gong outside of Ahn’Qiraj can be rung.  The one person on each server that rings the gong is rewarded with the legendary Qiraji Resonating Crystal.  This item allows them to summon a black rideable Qiraji Battle Tank, one of the most noticeable mounts in World of Warcraft.  During the original World of Warcraft retail game, a Scarab Lord title was also awarded.  This title will not be awarded during WoW Classic keeping it exclusive to the retail game.  While only one player per server is supposed to be rewarded, supposedly if multiple players ring the gong at the same time, they are all rewarded with the Qiraji Battle Tank.  With the gong rung, players are now free to enter both the new 20-man raid and 40-man raid.

The two raids, AQ20 and AQ40, both require no attunement and contain 6 bosses each.  In AQ20, each boss will drop 2-4 pieces of rare or epic loot, including tokens that can be turned in for Cenarion Circle armor.  The Cenarion Circle armor sets are available to each class and consist of a ring, cloak, and weapon.  In AQ40, the gear quality is much higher, but so is the boss difficulty.  As in AQ20, each boss in AQ40 will drop 2-4 pieces of gear but will always be epic quality.  Additionally, each boss has a chance of dropping tokens for the coveted tier 2.5 armor sets.  Tier 2.5 armor requires not only the token which drops off the AQ40 bosses, but also faction with the Brood of Nozdormu.  Faction can be obtained through turning in Qiraji insignias and artifacts along with killing trash in both AQ20 and AQ40.  Reputation gains from killing trash will only take you to 2999/3000 Neutral.  The remaining faction can only be advanced by turning in Qiraji insignias and artifacts which can drop off any monster in the zone.  It is best practice to save your insignias and artifacts until you reach 2999/3000 neutral and then turning them all in at once. 

AQ40 is widely considered to be one of the most difficult raids released by Blizzard, partly because the initial release back in 2006 was broken.  Many of the bosses had broken mechanics that would wipe entire raids.  These mechanics have since been fixed in the retail version of World of Warcraft but not on WoW Classic servers.  Due to players having more knowledge, better computers, and faster internet speeds, Blizzard has decided to stay with the original broken AQ40 release to give players an additional challenge.  Despite this added challenge, the gear rewards are well worth it.  Tier 2.5 gear is best-in-slot PVP gear during World of Warcraft Classic.  Furthermore, almost every piece of gear from AQ40 will be best-in-slot until Naxxramas is released.  Currently, there is no release date for the Naxxramas raid.  

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