Level 84 | Wraith Heirloom Set | 34 Legendary Skins | 89 Epic Skins | Must See!

Platform : PC
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  • Platform: PC
  • Level: 84
  • Heirloom Items: Wraith Heirloom Set Owned
  • Legendary Legend Skins: Quarantine 722, The Liberator, Vengeance Seeker, Void Specialist, Airship Assassin (Wraith), The Plague Doctor, The Runekeeper (Bloodhound), Organized Anarchy (Lifeline), Quicksilver, The Aviator (Pathfinder), The Enforcer (Bangalore), Philosopher's Stone, Sixth Sense, Blackheart (Caustic), Angel City Hustler, The Revenger, Ghost Machine (Mirage)
  • Epic Legend Skins: 33
  • Legendary Weapon Skins Owned: The Lowrider (VK-47), The Glorious One (Hemlok Burst AR), Unsheathed Rebellion, Dynastic Cycle (R-301 Carbine), Search & Rescue (Alternator SMG), Outlands Avalance, The Problem Solver (R-99 SMG), Tidal Wave (Devotion LMG), The Heavy Construct, Flying Warhawk (M600 Spitfire), The Gold Dragon (G7 Scout), First Strike, The Invader (Triple Take), The Snowpiercer (Kraber), Noble Truth, The Bone Collector (EVA-8 AUTO), The Lonestar (Peacekeeper)
  • Epic Weapon Skins Owned: 56
  • Total Wins: 23 (Wraith), 3 (Lifeline)
  • Total Kills: 1003 (Wraith), 82 (Lifeline)
  • Damage Done: 244k (Wraith)
  • Crafting Materials: 130
  • Legend Tokens: 42,100
  • Apex Coins: 0
  • Rare Badges: Wraith's Damage T2, Tripple Tripple, Fully Kited, Apex Predator, Flawless Victory 2, Rapid Elimination, Squad Wipe

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