5.3k Play Wins | 6 Golden Legendary | 288 Epics | 283 Goldens | Great Collection

Golden Cards : 283
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  • Total Play Wins: 5235 <br> Total Arena Wins: 909 <br> Current Rank: 9 <br> Gold: 1355 <br> Arcane Dust: 8870 <br> Warrior Wins: 6 <br> Warlock Wins: 443 <br> Hunter Wins: 111 <br> Mage Wins: 14 <br> Priest Wins: 14 <br> Shaman Wins: 294 <br> Paladin Wins: 183 <br> Rogue Wins: 287 <br> Druid Wins: 185 <br> Total Golden Legendary Cards: 6 <br> Golden Legendary Cards Owned: Open the Waygate, Shirvallah the Tiger, Al'Akir the Windlord, The Voraxx, Weaponized Pinata, Mecha'thun <br> Total Legendary Cards: 100 <br> Total Epic Cards: 288 <br> Total Golden Cards: 283 <br> Rare Cards: None <br> Basic Set Collected: 100% <br> Classic Set Collected: 80-90% <br> Naxxramas Set Collected: 0% <br> Goblins Vs Gnomes Set Collected: 0% <br> Blackrock Mountain Set Collected: 0% <br> The Grand Tournament Collected: 0% <br> League of Explorers Set Collected: 0% <br> The Old Golds Set Collected: 0% <br> Kharazhan Set Collected: 100% <br> Gadgetzan Set Collected: 0% <br> Un'Goro Set Collected: 90-99% <br> Frozen Throne Set Collected: 90-99% <br> Kobolds Set Collected: 90-99% <br> Witchwood Set Collected: 90-99% <br> Boomsday Set Collected: 90-99% <br> Rumble Set Collected: 90-99% <br> Total Card Backs: 51 <br> Card Backs Owned: Mark of Hakkar, Winter Veil Treat, Secret Level, Fireside, Candle King, Monster HUnter, Rumble Runner, Chillin, Frostwolf, Moonwell, VanCardback, Dr.Boom's Lab, Lemonade, Lightforged, Back in Blue, Lunara's Garden, Raise the Roof, Year of the Mammoth, Sparkles, Frostfire, Catacomber, Gone Fishin', Unholy Knight, Frost Knight, Blood Knight, HearthS'mores, The Magic of Dalaran, Sunwell, Un'goro Mystery, Year of the Kraken, Kabal, Grimy Goons, Jade Lotus, Halfhill, Pie, Legion, Medivh's Invitation, Tinyfin Beach, Zul'Drak, Shadowmoon Valley, Clutch of Yogg-Saron, Samsung Galaxy, Karazah Nights, Fossil, Forstmourne, For the Hoard!, In a Dark Wood, Mecha-Jaraxxus, Ready to Rumble!, Winter Viel Wreath <br> Purchased Heroes: Lunara, Sir Annoy-O, King Rastakan, Maiev