Combat 138 | Total Skill 2811 | MAX | 100 Archaeology | 5 Year Vet | 110 Invention
$549.99 USD
$499.99 USD​
Save 9%
  • Total Skill Level: 2811
  • Quest Points: 176
  • Gender: Male
  • Combat Level: 138
  • Attack Level: 110
  • Strength Level: 99
  • Hitpoints Level: 112
  • Defense Level: 99
  • Ranged Level: 104
  • Prayer Level: 99
  • Magic Level: 114
  • Runecraft Level: 99
  • Construction Level: 99
  • Agility Level: 99
  • Herblore Level: 101
  • Thieving Level: 102
  • Crafting Level: 99
  • Fletching Level: 100
  • Slayer Level: 120
  • Hunter Level: 101
  • Mining Level: 9X
  • Smithing Level: 9X
  • Fishing Level: 101
  • Cooking Level: 99
  • Firemaking Level: 99
  • Woodcutting Level: 99
  • Farming Level: 101
  • Dungeoneering: 101
  • Summoning: 99
  • Divination: 99
  • Invention: 110
  • Archaeology: 100
  • Cosmetics: Arcane Blood Mage, Aurora, Battle Robes (Cruor), Beachwear, Beast (Veteran), Bloodtusk Warlord, Bright Inquisitor, Circus (Acrobat, Audience, Crowd, Spectator), Deathless Regent, Dervish, Desert Treasure (Damis Light, Fareed), Dragonkin Imperial, Drakewing, Duskwing, Eastern, Elemental (Flameheart, Stoneheart), Elven, Enchanters Echo, Fox, Frostwalker, Gilly, Glad Tidings, Nex, Pharaoh, Radiant Dawn, Replica Infinity (Air, Earth, Fire, Water), Replica Metal (G, T), Samba, Silken, Stormborn Armour, Templar, Titan (Veteran), Tribal, Umbral, Vestments of Sorrow, War Robes (Zamorak, Zaros), Werewolf, Wushanko
  • Pets: Bloodpouncer, Mimic, Drakefire Warship, Zenn, Sandy, Umbral Crassian, Lorehound, Phoenix Mimic, Umbral Ahk, Felix, Steel Panther, T-Bone, Merry, War Bunny, Golden Chinchompa, White Royal Rhino, Fimberzizz, TIny Hazeel, Jadinko, Hype Train, Zoltan, Balloon Cat, Balloon Dog, Valkyrie Bobblehead, General Awwdor, Brains, Malcolm, Morty, Archie
  • Achievements: 1010
  • Rare Items: Lucky Chaotic Spear, Lucky Chaotic Crossbow, Lucky Off-hand Chaotic Crossbow, Lucky Chaotic Rapier, Lucky Farseer Kiteshield, Lucky Charm (Dragonkin Laboratory), Off-hand Lucky Armadyl Crossbow, Lucky Armadyl Godsword, Lucky Garb of Subjugation, Lucky Off-hand Chaotic Claw, Lucky Bandos Chestplate, Augmented Chaotic Staff, Augmented Sirenic Hauberk, Augmented Sirenic Chaps, Augmented Shadow Glaive, Augmented Off-hand Shadow Glaive, Augmented Vengeful Kiteshield
  • Capes: Max, Veteran (5 Year), Combatant's, Hooded Fletching (T), Hooded Magic (T), Hooded Defence (T), Hooded Constitution (T), Hooded Slayer (T), Hooded Ranged (T), Hooded Strength (T), Hooded Attack (T), Hooded Agility (T), Hooded Prayer (T), Hooded Farming (T), Hooded Construction (T), Hooded Runecrafting (T), Hooded Hunter (T), Hooded Crafting (T), Hooded Summoning (T), Hooded Herblore (T), Hooded Thieving (T), Hooded Divination (T), Hooded Fishing (T), Hooded Firemaking (T), Hooded Woodcutting (T), Hooded Mining (T), Hooded Smithing (T), Hooded Cooking (T), Hooded Dungeoneering (T), Hooded Invention (T), Hooded Archaeology (T), Slayer Master, Expert Skillcape Shard Bag
  • Bank Value: 3 Million

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