Combat 126 | Total Skill 2786 | MAX Combat | 120 Invention | 108 Dungeoneering | 1.6k Achievs
$499.99 USD
$399.99 USD​
Save 20%
  • Total Skill Level: 2786
  • Quest Points: 394
  • Gender: Female
  • Combat Level: 126
  • Attack Level: 99
  • Strength Level: 99
  • Hitpoints Level: 99
  • Defense Level: 99
  • Ranged Level: 99
  • Prayer Level: 99
  • Magic Level: 99
  • Runecraft Level: 99
  • Construction Level: 99
  • Agility Level: 99
  • Herblore Level: 104
  • Thieving Level: 99
  • Crafting Level: 99
  • Fletching Level: 99
  • Slayer Level: 113
  • Hunter Level: 99
  • Mining Level: 9X
  • Smithing Level: 9X
  • Fishing Level: 99
  • Cooking Level: 99
  • Firemaking Level: 99
  • Woodcutting Level: 99
  • Farming Level: 107
  • Dungeoneering: 108
  • Summoning: 99
  • Divination: 99
  • Invention: 120
  • Archaeology: 56
  • Cosmetics: Ancient Mummy, Arrav (New Varrock), Assassin, Barbarian, Beach Summer Fun, Beach Swimming, Beachwear, Blessed Sentinel, Cabaret, Cabbagemancer, Cicus (Acrobat, Audience, Crowd, Spectator), Colonist, Colosseum, Count Draynor, Crystal Peacock, Deathless Regent, Dervish, Desert Treasure (Damis Dark, Damis Light, Fareed, Kamil), Diving Suit, Drakewing, Eastern, Eastern Captain, Elemental (Flameheart), Elven, Feathered Serpent, Feline, Fox, Gilly, Glad Tidings, Goebie Warpaint (Blue, Red, Yellow), Gorajan Trailblazer (Abandoned, Frozen, Furnished, Occult, Warped), Gothic, Hellion, Highland, Hiker, Investigator Uniform, K'ril's Battlegear, Lava, Legatus Maximus, Linza, Mah Jarrat, Mah Jarrat (Skeletal), Masquerade, Menaphite Ancient, Musketeer, Navigator, Nex, Nomad, Pharaoh, Radiant Dawn, Replica Barrows (Karil, Verac), Replica Dragon, Replica Dragon (Or, Sp), Replica GWD (Armadyl, Bandos, Pernix), Replica Infinity, Replica Infinity (Air, Earth, Fire, Water), Replica Metal (G, T), Rogue, Samba, Shadow Magus, Silken, The Risen, Theatrical, Tribal, Vampyre Hunter, Vestments of Sorrow, Vitality Suit, Vitality Suit (Inactive), Warm Winter, Western Captain, Wushanko
  • Pets: Shadow Drake, Prime Colossus, Elvis Pressie, Mimic, Drakefire Warship, Lava Hawk, Postie Pete, Crystal Peacock, RuneFest Foo Lion, Devotion Sprite, Felix, Stell Panther, Golden Chinchompa, Tiny Lucien, Cheeky Monkey, White Royal Rhino, Black Royal Rhino, Rowena, Fimberzizz, Tiny Hazeel, Cornellius, Tiny Zemouregal, Sayin the Shark, Tiny White Knight, Tiny Black Knight, Helps, Socroth, Crispy the Cabbage, TIny Kharshai, Tiny Sliske, Treborn, Cresbot, Mackers, Balloon Cat, Balloon Dog, Dave, Steve, Pete, Gavin, Lana, Bill, Barry, Vindiddy, Rawrvek, Lilwyr, Herbert, Crabbe, Morty, Chronicle, Book of Legends
  • Achievements: 1682
  • Rare Items: Lucky Charm (Dragonkin Laboratory), Lucky Coin, Chaotic Spear, Chaotic Brimstone, Augmented Crystal Fishing Rod, Augmented Korasi's Sword, Augmented Crystal Hatchet, Augmented Sunspear (Ranged), Augmented Superior Tetsu Body, Augmented Kalphite Repriser, Augmented Ascension Crossbow, Augmented Superior Tetsu Legs, Augmented Kalphite Defender, Augmented Pernix Chaps, Augmented Pernix Body, Augmented Enhanced Excalibur, Augmented Seismic Wand, Augmented Virtus Robe Top, Augmented Virtus Robe Legs, Augmented Death Lotus Chestplate, Augmented Kalphite Rebounder, Augmented Seasinger's Robe Top, Augmented Seasinger's Robe Bottom, Augmented Death Lotus Chaps, Augmented Crystal Pickaxe
  • Capes: Hooded Max, Fire, Artisan's, Ghostly Cloak, Ardougne Cloak 4, Hooded Dungeoneering (T), Hooded Runecrafting (T), Hooded Attack (T), Hooded Constitution (T), Hooded Mining (T), Hooded Strength (T), Hooded Agility (T), Hooded Smithing (T), Hooded Herblore (T), Hooded Fishing (T), Hooded Ranged (T), Hooded Thieving (T), Hooded Cooking (T), Hooded Prayer (T), Hooded Crafting (T), Hooded Firemaking (T), Hooded Fletching (T), Hooded Woodcutting (T), Hooded Construction (T), Hooded Hunter (T), Hooded Summoning (T), Hooded Divination (T), Farming (T), Magic (T), Slayer (T), Invention Master, Defence Master, Expert Skillcape Shard Bag, Cape of Legends
  • Bank Value: 48 Million

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